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Combat Puffiness and Look Refreshed

A Guide to Winning the Puffiness Battle

We all have those mornings when our skin is puffy and swollen, whether it’s due to too much wine or simply not getting enough sleep. But there are steps you can take to reduce puffiness that go beyond lifestyle changes like drinking less and sleeping more. If the damage has already been done, here’s what you need to do for quick relief from a puffy face in the morning.

Step 1 – Eye Cream

Eye cream is a must-have in any makeup artist’s kit! Not only does it plump and hydrate skin to smooth out creases, but its moisture can help your other products glide on with ease. The 100%Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream stands apart from the rest due to its incredibly effective combination of caffeine extracts, vitamins & antioxidants plus nourishing rosehip oil. It effectively works together to reduce dark circles while firming and increasing skin elasticity; delivering results that go far beyond simple hydration or smoothing benefits!

Step 2 – A Soothing Massage Can Make a World of Difference 

For an effective way to reduce puffiness, the Skin Gym Beauty Lifter Vibrating T Bar is a fantastic tool that works wonders in firming and smoothing skin. When used properly – with moisturizer or oil applied prior – it can push nourishing ingredients deep into your pores while visibly diminishing swelling within just minutes! The results will last all day and you’ll be left with a radiantly glowing complexion.

Step 3 Cleanse Your Body of Unwanted Toxins With a Refreshing Detox

Did you know that different elements of your diet, such as sugar from alcohol and salt from food (as well as stress and the atmosphere) can have a direct impact on the health of your skin? The HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse is a daily detox supplement—Organic Algae, Beetroot, Manganese and Selenium—that can be taken to help combat dietary toxins alongside environmental pollutants for beautiful radiant skin. Simply take it with some water each day to promote natural detoxification within the body.

Step 4 Use Cold to Your Advantage

Products and tools with a cooling touch can have an incredible impact on your skin. This hydrating gel, infused with elderflower, chamomile, and green myrtle is known to reduce puffiness – just pop it in the fridge for a delightful sensation; you’ll be thanking yourself later as you enjoy its wonderfully cool feel. For an even more luxurious experience – try using a chilled rose quartz roller or gua sha stones on your face. The cold temperature combined with product’s contents will help promote circulation all over the skin while depuffing those undereye bags leaving you looking fresh and radiant!

Step 5 Shape it With Nanocurrent Technology

If there’s one thing we love about the ZIIP, it is its ability to reinvigorate your cheekbones. This nanocurrent device helps define facial contours—including jaw and cheeks—and you’ll instantly see a difference in your skin regardless of how often you use it; be it every day or once per month.

Step 6 Miracles Happen with Carefully Applied Concealer

Concealer or foundation sticks are effective at diverting attention away from the dark circles and eye bags. Choose a shade lighter than your skin to help disguise puffiness without looking unnatural. For best results, employ your ring finger or concealer brush when applying—make sure to press gently instead of rubbing it in; you may feel like it won’t blend but keep going – soon enough you’ll see amazing results! Only focus on where shadows appear, not beyond or around them.


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