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Don’t Neglect Your Neck!

Discover Why Caring For Your Neck is Essential

Looking after our skin is an everyday ritual for many of us, but how often do we focus on the area around our neck? Neglecting this delicate region can be detrimental to increase signs of aging. That’s why it’s essential to start taking care of your neck today! Here are five persuasive reasons why you should prioritize looking after the skin that covers your neck.

  1. According to beauty experts, the surest way to assess a lady’s age is by examining her hands and neck!
  2. The skin on our neck is naturally less collagenous, making it more prone to sagging and early signs of aging than the face.
  3. Our necks are in perpetual motion throughout the day, and this constant movement of nodding, turning and stretching can cause our skin to lose its elasticity and vitality with age.
  4. Your neck is exposed to the elements, such as wind, cold and heat more than any other body part. Protecting it should be a priority if you want to maintain healthy skin and avoid discomfort.
  5. Although SPF is regularly applied onto our faces, the front of our necks and chests are often neglected despite being exposed to damaging UV radiation.

Our top pick, the PCA SKIN Perfecting Neck and Decollete, works to miraculously tighten and firm up skin by boosting collagen plus hyaluronic acid production. Its combined brightening properties with anti-aging effects are like a fountain of youth for your neck; you’ll see smoother + more youthful looking skin in days! Make it an essential part of your daily skincare routine – it’s never too late!

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