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Concealing Dark Circles and Hyperpigmentation

Conceal, Don’t Feel

Solving the tough balancing act of covering up dark under eyes and hyperpigmentation is a tricky problem that requires some serious concealing know-how. To erase your main skin worries, we’ll be employing both coverage and corrective techniques to get rid of them for good!


For a smooth canvas, Tarte Cosmetics BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer SPF 30 can be applied with the help of Jane Iredale foundation brush to diminish areas of hyperpigmentation that make our complexion appear uneven.

Prep your complexion with the primer to add a subtle hue, making it an ideal option when you need to correct discolorations. Make sure to pick out the shade closest to your skin color for best results!


For individuals with oily skin, we suggest using 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder as a mineral powder foundation that can be layered without looking cakey. Apply two layers of the product over your primer with the Alima Pure Powder Brush for best results.

To truly enhance your natural beauty, discover the ideal foundation for your skin type and choose a tone that blends with your complexion.

Color Correct 

Applying your foundation before your concealer is crucial in achieving a flawless complexion. If you find that the coverage of your base provides enough, then you can use less concealer to achieve desired results.

To tackle dark under eyes, start by using the deeper shade of 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Concealer with a Dual Fiber Eye Brush. This will give you an even base tone to work off of. Afterwards, use the same brush to blend in a Alima Pure Concealer Brush lighter shade for additional coverage and luminosity.

To diminish the appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, 100% Pure Long Last Concealer with Super Fruits is our go-to. Use the precise end of your brush to precisely target these areas and apply concealer directly onto them for maximum coverage!

To guarantee an even look, use the larger side of your brush to gently pat in concealer. Carefully incorporate it into your powder application for optimal results.

To conceal dark circles and hyperpigmentation, those with fair skin tones should employ a peachy-toned concealer or the shade found in the Stila Correct Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette. Then, apply your customary cover up hue to finish it off. Remember that blue and orange are complementary colors which create an effect of nullification when used together!


Our skin is even and radiant now that we’ve chosen the Jouer Cosmetics Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer. This corrective hue was crafted to obscure dark circles and unsightly spots – but it’s also an amazing highlighter! With this added dimension and luminosity, you can be sure of a truly stunning complexion.

The concealer can be applied to your upper jawline, cheekbones, nose bridge and chin. Once blended with the existing base and concealer on your skin, it will create a smoother complexion that looks brighter and more even-toned.

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