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Elevate Your ‘No-Makeup Makeup’

Pro Tip

Fruit Pigmented® Pot Rouge Blush from 100% Pure

I’m committed to natural beauty, however, I can’t deny my affinity for something new and trendy with a visually pleasing aesthetic. What products have you been loving lately that meet these criteria?

Makeup is like the perfect sprinkle of sea salt on a freshly sliced radish—a small detail that brings out your natural beauty. Few people recognize and appreciate the power of mauve, but it can truly enhance any look!

At 100%Pure, you can find a plethora of skin-friendly and natural makeup lines. After all, your complexion is what truly matters! My no-makeup look; is a subtle yet effective way to flatter one’s appearance. I accentuate my features with the help of mauve shades rather than highlighters or bronzers—a unique touch that brings out beauty!

This mauve shade is the perfect balance of red and blue, warm and cool, that will work on any complexion to give it a wake-up! Whether you’re using it for your eyes or cheeks, this translucent but highly pigmented product easily glides onto the skin when applied with your fingers, making foolproof application easy. Use this versatile color creatively to take any look up a notch!

Take a touch of Sugar Plum Sheer and softly apply it on your cheeks with your fingers. To finish the look, use Pink Grapefruit Glow at the center of your eyelid, blending outward either with a brush or finger for an effortless cool-girl aesthetic that is both fresh and glamorous. It’s as simple as it sounds!

For a simple yet effective beauty hack, I always add a touch of silky black eye pencil at the outer corner of my lash line. Every couple of times I apply this it has some secret mauve in it which brightens up any complexion – trust me!

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