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Enhance Your Beauty Routine 2023

Flawless In 2023

Ready to level up your beauty routine in 2023? 

In 2022, Clean beauty is the standard for luxury and efficacy. Even products that have traditionally been difficult to make with clean ingredients (like mascara or shampoo!) are now better than anything from conventional beauty brands. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite 100%Pure switch-to-now must haves so you can enjoy good hair days, glowing skin, and transformative showers every day!

Brighten Your Skin

Absolute luxury is having access to the finest ingredients. Why should you settle for fillers, texturizers and preservatives with potentially hazardous effects on your health when clean skin care offers higher concentrations of active ingredients that can make your skin look luminous? You don’t need all those additives; just trust in natural products!


Make the simple switch to mineral sunscreens this year, as chemical options can often contain ingredients that harm your skin, disrupt hormones and damage coral reefs. By choosing a natural sunscreen product with SPF you’re making an informed choice for yourself and protecting vulnerable marine life.

Smooth Skin

Get ready to reveal unbelievably smooth, radiant skin with the hidden power of exfoliants. This miraculous mixture contains small yet potent microcrystals, glycolic and lactic acids, as well as nourishing fruit enzymes that promise maximum results.

Be Smart In The Shower

You may assume that rinsing it off is all you need to do, yet think again. Anything you shower with comes in contact with every part of your body – conventional hair products included! Don’t take the risk; make over your shower for a healthier option.

Pout With Sexy Lips

What we put on our lips is just as important to us as what goes into our bodies. That’s why these natural lipsticks and balms are free of petroleum, dyes, and plasticizers found in traditional cosmetics – they only contain nourishing oils and butters that help keep your pout healthy and hydrated. So choose wisely: you’ll be consuming it one way or another!

Smell Great

Perfumes may contain some of the most perilous chemicals available on the beauty market, yet clean perfumes possess an elegant and sophisticated appeal that is unmatched. Clean fragrances enthrall not only one’s sense of smell but also evokes a feeling within them like no other aroma can.

Love Those Eyes

When you discover the reality that conventional mascaras are composed of microplastics and by-products from coal-tar combustion, switching appears to be an obvious decision. Fortunately, clean tech has stepped up and is now outdoing traditional mascara in the glamor factor without a doubt.

Skin Hydration

In contrast to traditional moisturizers that use petroleum, antifreeze, and silicones to mask dryness, clean alternatives infuse your skin with nourishing butters, replenishing oils and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Keep Your Odor In Check

Clean deodorant formula has been perfected, bringing you silky-smooth application and all day freshness. Believe me when I say that these products need to be tried before they’re believed!

Inside And Out

At 100%Pure, they understand the value of nourishing our skin from within by ingesting essential vitamins and nutrients just as much as we care for it externally with serums and moisturizers.



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