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Unlock Your Radiance with the Italian-Girl Beauty Formula

To capture French-girl style, the ideal look includes smoky eyeshadow, a polished trench coat and chic ballet flats. To achieve that Italian fashionista vibe though? You’ll want to flaunt an angled cat eye liner, highlight your waist with a sundress and complete the ensemble with gold hoop earrings.

To achieve a sexy, alluring vibe and look, it’s essential to focus on your skin both inside and out. Opt for glowy, radiant-looking skin coupled with lightly applied makeup – except of course for the dark eyeliner! Finish off by applying a subtle hint of sheer color on your lips and cheeks as well as wearing light fragrance and neutral nail polish. With this combination in place you won’t just make your day brighter but will bring joy to everyone around you too!

Revel in Radiant Skin with FRESH Glow!

Exfoliation instantly polishes away roughness, smoothing out any uneven texture and unveiling your inner glow! The ai-whipped formula in this product is densely concentrated with powerful minerals such as quartz, garnet, alumina, and silica for skin-polishing effects. Not to mention the glycolic acid that helps to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin while refining pores for a softer finish – revealing noticeably smoother and more radiant looking results.

Our cold-pressed organic rosehip oil is a powerhouse of vitamins and omega fatty acids to deeply nourish skin and hair. It offers maximum potency to effectively address fine lines, loss of elasticity, and uneven skin tone. Additionally, the essential fatty acids in this coveted oil work to renew your hair follicle so you can enjoy healthy growth as well as luster!

Revitalize your skin and fortify it with a powerful blend of CoQ10, Vitamins C and E, lutein and zeaxanthin. This potent mixture is guaranteed to reduce the harmful effects caused by sun exposure, pollution, stress and more while promoting a youthful look! As an added bonus – enjoy this mix as part of your daily morning ritual in water for the perfect start to everyday that looks just like watching a sunrise.


This Clear Tanning Water is an absolute pleasure to apply. It foams into a thick, hydrating mousse that absorbs effortlessly and doesn’t leave any residue or transfer onto clothing or sheets. The fast-drying formula contains natural botanicals to keep your skin hydrated as it works its magic!

Indulge your skin with this dreamy water hydration mist! Transform it into a luscious foam that quickly absorbs, leaving no residue or transfer onto clothing or sheets. Enhanced with organic botanicals, the quick-drying formula deeply hydrates skin as you apply. Experience an oasis of moisture and comfort in one luxurious application!

Create a seductive look with this lip and cheek color, adding layers to achieve a subtle flush or deep stain. Soothe your skin while creating gorgeous hues thanks to the blend of jojoba oil and shea butter, both renowned for their nourishing properties.

For a light, natural-looking brightness on your skin, this featherweight lotion is the ideal solution. This luxuriously luminous lotion for legs, shoulders, décolletage and collarbones will instantly add a subtle candlelight glow to any area you apply it. Its light reflecting minerals create an illuminating sheen that perfectly blurs imperfections without feeling heavy or greasy!

Stepping away from the conventional, powdery orange bronzers on the market, Buriti Bronzer is crafted with buriti oil. Produced by pressing nuts of Brazil’s moriche palm tree, this remarkable product serves as a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin A. Ultimately providing an exquisite sunkissed glimmer to any makeup routine.


Achieve a bold, effortless look with this intensely black liquid liner. A short felt-tipped brush ensures easy application from subtle flicks to full cat eyes. The long-lasting formula defines eyes and makes lashes appear fuller, remaining in place all day (or night) – even through water resistance!

Inky-black, velvety lashes 100%Pure’s ultra-luxe hydrating mascara will leave your lashes gorgeous and jet black in only one coat! It boosts thickness, promotes long-lasting volume, and ensures a glossy finish. Plus, the light blue nylon brush helps evenly distribute color from root to tip so you get fuller looking eyelashes without clumps or flakes. This amazing product is even clean and nontoxic – making it 100% Pure favorite. Get ready for some of the most incredible fluttery lashes that you’ve ever seen!


Experience blossom and its seductive, unanticipated aroma. Part afternoon in Portofino, part night in a Sardinian garden – Douglas Little blends light and dark to create an excitingly unique scent. This captivating glass bottle is the perfect size for your makeup bag or suitcase on-the-go!

Without any fuss, this water perfume is one of the most beautiful concepts anyone has ever had. Spray it around your pulse points, all over yourself and even in your sheets – but be sure to spritz plenty on your hair as its aroma will linger for a long time. Unlike many perfumes that announce their presence from afar, people can only detect yours when they are close by; making it perfect for new moms who want something safe to wear around their children. Reviving an ancient Persian custom of using flower waters with a modern twist, its fragrance is pure, clean-cut and utterly stunning!

For Bouncing Hair

Pamper your hair with this luxurious shampoo that leaves it looking glossy and feeling healthy. Experience its exceptionally creamy lather as you massage it into your scalp to purify your tresses while lightly moisturizing them. And if the results weren’t enough, bask in the glory of its chic (and humongous) pump bottle which looks simply stunning in any shower or bathroom setting! This exceptional conditioner, enriched with argan oils, provides your hair with intense moisture and silkiness. Leaving it lustrous and nourished to perfection!


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