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Essential Oil Benefits

Ready to reap the rewards of facial oils? 

For the last few decades, anyone with oily and/or acne-prone skin has been warned to avoid all face oils or products containing oil in their ingredients. This meant that not only did people have to switch over to oil-free formulas, but also incorporate strong astringents into their daily skincare routine. Unfortunately, these measures rarely resulted in a balanced complexion free from blemishes.

For those with dry skin, the thought of using oil to treat it could be unnerving due to its potential for pore-clogging. But recently that has changed as face oils have become a hot commodity in the skincare world and people are clamoring to get involved. This prompted scientists and brands alike to reexamine their formulas and scrutinize which oils they chose for use in their products more carefully than before.

With the advent of modern skin care formulas, such as Argan Oil that contains emollient oils which absorb swiftly and give your skin a healthy shine sans any residue, you can find face oils created with specific skin types in mind. Moreover, they contain additional benefits tailored to different skin complexes and concerns; thus allowing you to pick an oil suited perfectly for your own complexion!

If you’re still debating whether or not to try out face oils, let us ease your worries and enlighten you with ten stellar benefits of using them:

Radiance, Not Residue

You don’t need an excessive amount of face oil to achieve a healthy and radiant skin complexion! Just two or four drops should be enough for you to get the antioxidant benefits that give your skin a natural, lit-from-within glow. Don’t just limit yourself to skincare – try adding one or two drops on top of your foundation as well for maximum radiance!

Timeless beauty. 

Fight wrinkles or prevent them by leveraging the power of face oils! These nourishing, firming agents restore skin to a more youthful state and create an impenetrable barrier against aging. Face oils are your go-to for maintaining healthy, glowing skin!

Imagination reigns supreme!

Create your own perfect skincare concoction with face oils! They can be applied wherever in your routine, alone or alongside other products. Whether you desire to mix them into moisturizers, combine them with foundations, or blend them into masks – the possibilities are endless. Unleash your inner beauty scientist and find out what works best for you!

Experience revitalized skin with fewer blemishes!

The Revitalizer Beautifying Supercritical Body Oil is uniquely made with a combination of miracle oils that are classified as ‘dry oils’, making them easily absorbed and remarkably capable of controlling excess sebum (oil) production. With regulated amounts of moisture and sebum in your skin, it’s not uncommon to observe an improvement in blemishes over time.

Plushly Hydrated

No matter your skin type – dry, oily or a combination of the two- hydrating your complexion is essential. Face oils are an excellent way to ensure you maintain hydration without feeling weighed down, particularly during warmer months when heavier creams and moisturizers can feel too thick. Don’t be fooled by their namesake; ‘dry oil’ formulations are designed to deeply condition while still offering tremendous levels of moisture!


Refresh your skin with a nourishing facial serum enriched with vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. This powerful formula penetrates deep into the layers of your complexion, promoting collagen production while restoring elasticity to give you an invigorated look. Its potent antioxidants also ward off any free radicals that could lead to premature aging.

Unequaled Skin Serenity

If you have sensitive skin, you may be wary of using anti-aging products due to the potential for redness, breakouts or irritation. Fortunately, our unique blend is gentle enough to provide results without causing any inflammation. Not only that – it makes a great post-peel product! To ensure compatibility with your complexion, we suggest performing a patch test behind your ear first. Give this specially formulated formula a try and experience the effects of younger looking skin without worry!

Let Your Products Work Smarter

We love face oils for their versatility – you can use them with almost any other product in your regimen. Even better, when blended with moisturizers or masks, the benefits of both products are enhanced!

Unparalleled Comfort at a Fraction of the Price

Indulging in the luxury of a face oil can be an easy, low-cost way to prioritize your self care. Taking time out each day to apply skin-nourishing products is essential for maintaining healthy and vibrant skin! Pro Tip: why not add a few drops into your next bath? It’s sure to have you feeling pampered and renewed when it’s all said and done.

Enhance Your Glow

Whether you choose to use a face oil or not, your natural radiance will never cease.


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