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Even Your Hands Need Care

Keep your hands feeling supple and smooth all day!

Our hands are delicate and often tell a story of a life well lived; after all, they’re one of the first areas to show wrinkles or sun damage. So let’s take care of them with something special—the ultimate clean, nourishing, ultra rich hand creams that will give your hands an extra boost for youthfulness! With their grace and beauty brought forth by beautiful rings or bracelets, you’ll be able to carry yourself in the world with confidence knowing you have taken exceptional care of those precious appendages.

Sink into your skin with the luxury and ease of this thick, rich cream. Not only does it provide an immediate soothing and nourishing effect, but it also offers long-term replenishment for hands to look their best! With its portable size, affordability, and adorableness all in one package – there is no reason not to stock up on this magical product as a perfect gift for yourself or others.

At 100% Pure, they are obsessed with creating luxurious creams that can visibly firm up skin and reduce wrinkles while also pampering it.

Maximize the Health of Your Hands with this Ultimate Routine!

If you’re eager to have your hands looking and feeling their best, then developing a regular routine is essential. To kickstart this process, start off by investing in an excellent hand cream that you love; having it visible makes all the difference! For example, leave it close at nightstand if prior to bedtime is when you usually apply hand cream or beside the kitchen sink for when cooking and cleaning up – making luxurious self-care fun and easy right where it’s needed most.Break away from your work every now and then by keeping a tube of cream next to your computer – it’s the perfect reminder for you to stand up, give yourself a massage with the balm, and refresh!


Keep sunscreen handy, both by your front door and in your purse. Make sure to apply it liberally before you go out and anytime after washing your hands. Unprotected sun exposure on the hands can result in wrinkles, crepiness, age spots, loss of collagen – just like what occurs to our faces! Protecting yourself should always be a priority when going outside.

Refresh and revive your skin with exfoliation! 

Exfoliation is a must for your hands just as it is for your face, therefore be sure to scrub the backs of them during showers or before an at-home manicure. Once you indulge in this routine weekly, you’ll find yourself with brighter and smoother skin come morning! Not only that but over time your even tone will increase and remain luminous throughout the week. So grab those acid peel pads then turn them around so they can work their magic on the back of both hands – giving you baby soft skin all year round!


Draw inspiration from chemical peels used by professionals and experience intense exfoliation overnight with these acid peel pads. They help to refine, retexturize, and brighten skin while you sleep – leaving your complexion hydrated and healthy with a noticeable glow in the morning! Enhanced with natural hyaluronic acid for superior moisture retention throughout the night, rest easy knowing that when you wake up tomorrow you’ll be met with smooth, soft-to-the-touch skin.


Pamper and refresh your skin with the detoxifying ingredients of five mineral-rich salts and three ultra moisturizing oils, leaving it smooth, exfoliated, softened and hydrated.

Indulge In Some Self-Care With A Luxurious Facial Treatment

Likewise, after applying face creams or serums to your face, use any leftover product on the backs of your hands. Each morning we take care to massage a small amount of vitamin C serum onto our hands as part of our daily facial routine (vitamin C is known for its skin-toning and brightening benefits and may offer some protection from the sun—but do not substitute it for sunscreen). If there are remaining drops left over, they go directly towards nourishing our hands.

This daily glow serum brings together the might of L-ascorbic acid and moisturizing hyaluronic acid, two skin care staples that are backed by cutting edge research. The distinct dual-part design allows for maximum potency and freshness while providing a product with active elements throughout its lifespan. Unlock your natural radiance today with our state of the art serum!

It’s no wonder that this oil has become a cult classic; its amalgamation of active organic botanicals and potent essential oils have proven to be an unbeatable combination. Phytonutrients and minerals help bring balance back into skin, while phytoceramides, fatty acids, and antioxidants all work together to revive dull looking complexions with their nourishing properties. This revolutionary formula quickly absorbs into the skin without feeling heavy or greasy – leaving your complexion looking soft, smooth, and glowing!

Keep your manicure looking fresh with at-home maintenance!

For those who wish to have their hands looking flawless and healthy, having a few of the essential manicure items on hand is an absolute must – even if you regularly visit the salon. Beyond basic skin treatments, keeping these tools nearby ensures that your digits remain beautiful all year round!

You can create a modern, chic manicure from the comfort of your own home. 

Indulge yourself with a stunning embroidered cotton towel, an elegant topcoat, and all the tools you need to create beautiful designs. In your new kit you’ll find a dual-grit nail file for prepping nails, a striping brush that’s designed with extra-long bristles so creating straight lines is easy breezy, plus tapered edge cleanup brush–so any mistakes are gone in no time! Finally round out your tool kit with two different dot tips on one double ended dotting tool for adding delicate details. Plus polish of course – after all every manicure needs some color!

Transform your nails at home into something you’d expect from a professional manicurist with this all-inclusive vegan leather kit. The glass and mineral blend polisher buffs, shines, and leaves an irresistible natural look to your nails while the included cuticle oil utilizes jojoba, grape seed and sea buckthorn oils to make sure they stay nourished, conditioned and soft. With everything you need in one beautiful package it’s time for some me-time!


Whether you stash it in your bag, keep it on your desk, or pack it away in your suitcase, nail polish remover is the perfect go-to for effortlessly cleaning and removing any traces of polish from nails. Its gentle yet effective formula guarantees that each use will leave nails feeling clean and refreshed!

Give your nails the love they deserve by painting on this cruelty-free, barely-there glossy topcoat. Perfect for adding a hint of shine to any color or as a stand alone polish!

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