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I once used makeup to hide my insecurities about my skin, which was characterized by breakouts, sensitivity, redness, and splotchiness. Plus, I had scars from an old dog bite that only became more evident with time and sun exposure.

To be honest, though? I didn’t anticipate the massive improvement on my skin after switching to natural beauty products—not just because of how much better they looked but also due to their effect on me! Nowadays, wearing less makeup has become far more enjoyable than before—all while making me feel great!

1. Mattifying Primer

My secret weapon for a perfect makeup base? Priming my face before I apply anything else. With this product, not only does my skin look better, but I now require less makeup in general. It’s the ideal way to start off your routine!

2. Daytime 2nd Skin Concealer

With my dark under-eye circles, concealer is an absolute must for me. I’ve tried several products in search of the perfect one, and now I’ve found it—this lusciously creamy formula covers so perfectly that no one knows what lies beneath! Infused with skin-care ingredients like hydrating olive squalane, it effortlessly leaves me looking revitalized and wide awake.

3. Mineral Tinted Sunscreen Stick

This all-in-one tinted serum, and sunscreen foundation blends flawlessly for a beautiful dewy finish and invigorate my skin with white sage and aloe vera. I’m in love with how it evens out my tone while also moisturizing—my complexion looks undeniably radiant! Additionally, this product offers optimum sun protection at SPF 40 which is an added bonus!

4. Fullest Volumizing Mascara

This volumizing mascara gives my lashes an unparalleled level of fluttery, glossy length and definition. With its two-tiered bristle wand design that lifts and curls, you’ll never have to worry about clumping or crunchiness—the silk-like formula is infused with beeswax and arginine for extra conditioning!

5. Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

This brow gel is perfect for achieving a natural and full-looking eyebrow look! It mimics the appearance of real hair while filling in sparse areas, and with its spooley brush on the other end, it fluffs and shapes my eyebrows. The best part? This formula doesn’t smudge at all!

6. Gemmed Tinted Luminizer

Illuminate your face with this golden-peachy-pink highlighter – a single swipe will warm and brighten the skin, highlighting your cheekbones for an alluring glow. Its silky texture is hydrating to wear and leaves long-lasting effects that won’t go unnoticed!

7. Toasted Eyeshadow Palette

For eyes that mesmerize, these mineral eye shadows provide the perfect amount of shimmer. Not to mention their incredible pigmentation and buildable quality – they can take your look from casual to sultry with just a few swipes! You’ll love how easy it is to bring out the inner corners of your eyes or create an alluring smoky eye for any special occasion.

8. Lip Glaze

After all of my colleagues kept insisting that I should give Sultry from Lip Glaze a try, I eventually gave in. To no surprise, it’s exactly what they described – the perfect shade for an effortless “is-she-or-isn’t-she” look on the lips and adding just enough subtle color to the cheeks for a lovely post-workout glow.

9. Organic Mint Lip Balm

After trying out this luxurious balm, I am already on my third tube! It is exquisitely smooth and provides your skin with ultimate hydration. Plus, it illuminates a spectacular sheen that will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to any look.

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