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Eye Makeup That Lasts

Discover how to keep long-lasting, vibrant color on your eyelids all day!

Are you frustrated with your eye makeup disappearing and settling into creases after only a few hours? You’ve made every effort to avoid applying it on the skin around your eyes, but to no avail.
We’ve all experienced the oil/moisturizer + eye makeup struggle, even when using heavily waterproof eyeshadows and mascaras. In fact, you don’t need face oils or moisturizers for your eyelook to smudge, flake, drip or fade – natural skin oils are enough! However, there is an easy solution that can protect your look no matter what.


It’s wise to stay away from the eye area while you apply your makeup. Make sure that nothing is applied anywhere near or around where your eyelashes touch skin, above and below. Additionally, wait as long as possible before applying any moisture after putting on your eyeshadow. For an alternative option, opt for using eye cream instead of oil or moisturizer – in fact most makeup artists find this technique even more effective!

To help keep your makeup from smudging, people often like to dab a bit of powder on the upper lid. On no account should you ever apply it beneath your eyes as this will settle in fine lines and look unsightly. Another solution many makeup artists recommend is blending two different eyeshadows together – they complement each other perfectly and create an incredibly beautiful effect!

Quick Fix

If your eye makeup smudges, the best way to fix it is by taking a few drops of face oil and rubbing them between your fingers. Then carefully run your fingertips under each eye towards their outer corners – like Sophia Loren would do! This will help smooth out wrinkles while cleaning up any messes left behind. If you feel like you need more coverage,  re apply some eyeshadow but if that doesn’t cut it, grab a clean facial wipe and remove only the creased parts then wait for a couple minutes before redoing everything from scratch

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