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Eyeliner Shade Catered to You

Perfect Eyeliner to Compliment Your Eye Color

When deciding which liner to use for your eye color, it can be puzzling. While not a hard-and-fast rule, we recommend selecting an eyeliner hue that is the opposite of your eyes’ undertone. To bring out brown eyes and make them look intense, blues and charcoal are excellent options. Breaking long established rules with striking results has never been easier than using this technique.

For those with blue eyes, navy eyeliner does the trick; however, a black or brown hue can make them truly sparkle. On the other hand – if you have green peepers then consider yourself lucky! During allergy season when your eyes become red and inflamed, it helps to choose a liner that has an undertone of red such as purple or light brown. The jane iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner in amethyst is perfect for this purpose.

You are so fortunate if you have hazel eyes! No matter which liner hue you choose, it will bring out the various shades of your eye color. Browns emphasize the golden tones; blue intensifies the browns and purples create a beautiful contrast with green hues. Unleash your creativity and get creative in accentuating those gorgeous irises.

If you have grey or blue eyes, black eyeliner is the perfect way to make them stand out and accentuate their hue!

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