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Firmer Skin with Face Yoga

Experience a Firmer, More Toned Appearance in as Little as Just Two Weeks

Experience the blissful, free-of-charge benefits of face yoga that will make your skin appear younger—a 2018 study involving women aged 40 to 65 proved it!

All participants practiced 30 minutes of facial exercises for 8 weeks straight and then every other day for 12 more weeks. As per an evaluation from a team of dermatologists after 20 weeks, these ladies looked approximately three years younger than before.

Unlock the power of yoga, combined with an irresistible selection of serums and creams. With forty-three muscles in our faces, a few simple stretches can reduce tension, amplify circulation, and reinvigorate your skin’s firmness!

Face yoga is a long-term pursuit, but the effects will become more apparent with everyday dedication. It’s also an excellent option for parts of your face and neck that are harder to address using medical treatments. With consistent practice and commitment, you can see remarkable results in no time!

Spend only a few minutes at the start or end of your day to maximize relaxation. Focusing on deep breaths, and loosening up tight muscles in your face, neck, and shoulders are essential for success. Additionally, make sure that you hydrate your skin beforehand for even better results!

Pamper Your Skin With a Luxurious Moisturizer and Warm It Up

Maximize the benefits of face yoga by layering on extra moisturizer before you start stretching. A lightweight serum, eye cream, and a thin layer of face cream will ensure that your skin remains soft while helping to increase product penetration.

This combination will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy during exercise, allowing for maximum rejuvenation effects afterwards:

Time to get started with your warm-up! Gently and firmly, use both hands to tap the entire range of your forehead down to your neck. Follow this by stretching forward and back, then gently open and shut your mouth slowly three times. This helps loosen up all those facial muscles completely, so you can relax.


Sings Of Aging – Forehead

To unwind the frontalis muscle and release forehead tension, start by making a fist with both hands. Then place them in the middle of your forehead before applying strong pressure and sliding your fists to either side. Do this exercise four times for optimal results!


Avoid Lines

To reduce the tension in your brows that causes those “eleven” lines, try this simple exercise: Place your index and middle fingers at the innermost corner of each eyebrow. Apply a firm pressure, then start to spread them horizontally with slight movements. This will help relax both the procerus and corrugator supercilii muscles for smoother skin!

Inhale deeply, and as you exhale slowly over the course of five seconds, furrow your brow. Sense the tension in the muscles beneath your fingertips. Keep this pose stress-free; don’t strain too much! Plus, ensure that your forehead remains relaxed throughout for maximum relaxation benefits.


Fine Lines Around the Corners of Your Eyes

Firmly grasp the middle and index fingers just above your temples, near your hairline. Pull them up to feel a stretch in the outer corners and lower section of the orbicularis oculi muscles. Without moving any other parts of your forehead, squint for five seconds, then relax. Repeat this three times for best results on diminishing fine lines around eyes!


Wrinkles and Lines Around the Mouth

To help reduce the appearance of nasolabial fold lines, try this simple exercise that targets your zygomaticus major and minor muscles: With both palms firmly pressed against your temples, take a deep breath in.

Make an “O” shape with your mouth as you stretch out your face for five seconds. Gently press the upper portion of the lips up to meet the teeth before relaxing again. Do this three times while keeping your shoulders relaxed throughout each repetition.


Jawline and Neck

To shape and define your neckline, try this exercise! Turn your chin to the right at a 45-degree angle. Then pucker up as if you’re about to kiss someone; hold it for five seconds. Do three reps on each side of the face, and relax in between sets.

You’ll be tightening both the platysma and sternocleidomastoid muscles with this move, giving you an incredible jawline that looks fantastic from every angle!



Take a few moments to alleviate stress with this simple exercise: Using both hands, rhythmically tap your fingertips from the top of your head all the way down to your neck. Do this three times, and you’ll feel calmer as it helps relax each facial muscle.


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