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For a Deeply Hydrating and Nourishing Experience

Look no further than this single-ingredient face oil

The bottle of plum-seed oil appears to be a regular facial oil, however the moment you apply some onto your skin, its remarkable properties will become evident. With an ultra hydrating yet light texture that absorbs quickly and effortlessly into the skin, it provides intense nourishment and hydration while leaving your face looking firm and glowing. To it off, this luxurious cream has a delicate scent reminiscent of macaroons!

Le Prunier, a company founded by three sisters who grew up around the family’s plum farm, is not only packed with skin-nourishing nutrients but environmentally friendly too! The oil is cold-pressed from organic plum seeds that would have otherwise gone to waste; an antioxidant and moisturizing powerhouse that was disregarded until now. Jacqueline Taylor remarks “We were just throwing away these powerhouses”, highlighting how beneficial this product can be for our planet as well as ourselves.


Japan recognizes the plum as a superfood while in Western Asia, it has been venerated for centuries as “the fruit of life”. The Taylor family began farming plums in California’s Central Valley back in 1916, and they have continued this tradition without fail ever since. In 1985, the farm transitioned to organic production and is now renowned worldwide – especially throughout Asia – for its fresh plums and prunes.


As children, the sisters worked in their family’s plum groves and developed a deep understanding for all things related to the business. Despite this shared experience, Jacqueline decided to become a raw and vegan chef before eventually landing at venture capital firm; Allison stepped into fashion marketing; while Elaine chose to stay true to her roots by continuing working in the family business. Inspired by their great-grandfather’s legacy, the sisters decided to launch a new business around these same plum groves: Le Prunier. While they had always known that plums were healthy for you, once they discovered the incredible skin care benefits of pure organic plum seed oil, there was no turning back! As Allison declares with enthusiasm,”the potential here is immense!”

As Jacqueline recalled, “It was like a lightbulb went off when we realized that the plum-seed oil we were paying to discard could actually transform our skin. After collaborating with chemists and testing the plum-seed oil extensively, it became evident how truly incredible its effects are: not only did it keep skin hydrated but also visibly brighter!” Allison added in agreement.Elaine’s delicate skin simply flourished when she applied this oil. I, too, have adopted the practice of using it to guard against heat damage on my hair ends. Soon enough, aestheticians and dermatologists began recommending its use for their clients after laser treatments and peels!


And thus, Le Prunier was born out of the three sisters’ ambition and shared experiences. Jacqueline explains, “We knew we wanted to do something different from our dad’s business- an endeavor that would allow us to make use of all our combined experience and develop something unique.” With that in mind, they are continuing their mission on developing clean, organic plum seed-based skin treatments; seeing incredible results with the oil has only added fuel to their enthusiasm about harnessing the power of plums!


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