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Ever Heard of a French Face Massage?

A 43-Second Massage

At Free Buni, we strongly believe in the power of nature and its beneficial ingredients to nurture our skin. By combining natural botanicals with a daily massage routine, you can enjoy a greatly improved complexion.

Today, we’ll share with you life-altering DIY facial massage techniques meant to invigorate energy flow through your muscles while stimulating circulation—all with the goal of refreshing your skin!

Prepare Your Skin


The Matcha Oat Face Scrub works wonders by removing dead-cell buildup with both physical and chemical action. It is suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry or even sensitive ones.

We highly recommend using this product once or twice a week; the more you use it, the brighter and clearer your complexion will be!


We love the Pore Minimizer Tonique for its gentle detoxification and hydration provided from a combination of Niacinamide and Witch hazel.

This product adjusts to your skin’s pH levels while giving you that soft feeling one expects—there’s never any tightness associated with it! It couldn’t be easier to use either: simply apply it with your fingers or a cotton pad as part of an effective daily skincare regimen.


Vitamin C is beneficial for all skin types, providing an illuminating glow while deeply hydrating and protecting it from environmental aggressors. Carefully blend the Vitamin C Boost with a hyaluronic serum when you first use it to ensure maximum freshness and potency.


Hyaluronic acid will help you achieve beautiful, healthy-looking skin, no matter your specific concern. This versatile ingredient is great for regulating sebum if you’re oily and hydrating dry, sensitive, or aging skin.

I recommend the serums from SkinCeuticals as they are my personal favorites! For best results, apply a few drops of Hyaluronic onto clean skin before applying face oil to lock in moisture and provide intense hydration.


This Active Botanical Serum is specifically created with a unique combination of ingredients that work well on all skin types. If I were creating it, this would be my ideal: one oil-based treatment that truly works for everyone! In the morning, I apply several drops to my face and give myself a little massage—definitely worth it in terms of results!

Castor oil is also an excellent choice for treating overly oily skin. Not only does it contain fatty acids that help balance the skin, but you only need a few drops to feel hydrated.

For those who find it difficult to apply with its natural texture, I recommend mixing castor oil with baobab oil for better absorption. If your skin tends towards dryness, however, layer cream over serum and then finish off by smoothing on some face oils—these penetrate better than creams!

Sun safety is important for all skin tones and types. If you want to keep your complexion looking even-toned, don’t forget the sunscreen—and a pair of sunglasses!

Our Picks

When I talk about my style, the three elements that are always in the mix are sunglasses, sunscreen and a gold charm necklace. It’s almost like they provide me with some sort of protection when worn around my neck! My go-to look is one that exudes comfort as well as elegance—think comfortable yet chic while foregoing makeup entirely.

Tutorial: Massage to Instantly Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles!

1. For the best results, gently apply a few drops of your favorite serum or face oil onto your freshly cleansed cheeks, forehead, and chin.

2. Glide your fingers gracefully over your face, like you’re doing a graceful jazz dance. Start from the chin, move up to the cheekbones, outward towards the temples, and along the jawline. This helps nourish skin with serum and oil while diminishing puffiness as well!

3. Stimulate the eyes by brushing your fingers back and forth along the brow bone, near the sides of your temple area, and delicately under the eye.

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