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French-Girl Glow

Timeless Elegance

When it comes to French-girl beauty, there’s no one better than New York author, online magazine founder and mom Clemence von Mueffling. With a lifetime of knowledge passed down from her mother Lorraine Bolloré and grandmother Régine Debrise (both editors at French Vogue), she has had the best schooling in all types of cosmetics. After spending time working for companies like Clarins and Dior, von Mueffling became an expert herself – now using her expertise as a renowned beauty journalist.

Von Mueffling learned from her mother and grandmother, the quintessential French approach to beauty; that it is an attitude, a gesture of self-care. Beauty isn’t about vanity but rather nourishing one’s inner confidence. Even today they still exchange their wisdom on this subject matter by advocating to become “the best possible version” of oneself inside out no matter what age.

Von Mueffling married a New Yorker, had twins, created an online magazine called Beauty and Well-Being, and two years ago released the brilliant Ageless Beauty the French Way, a book packed with her family’s beauty secrets. Her rules for how to look and feel beautiful at any age align with our own beauty ethos: focus on your health, great skin, and great hair, and everything else will fall into place.

Prioritize Skicare 

French women don’t seek perfection when it comes to their skin, just great skin. On the other hand, in America I often witness a relentless pursuit of flawlessness that is not only unattainable but also incredibly disheartening. As long as my complexion remains healthy and hydrated, I’m content with wrinkles – they’re merely part of life. Ultimately no one has to be perfect; we needn’t strive for something so unrealistic and unreachable anyway.I have been familiar with skincare since I was a child, but as the years progress my skin care routine has become increasingly meticulous. 

Not only do I still enjoy indulging in relaxing face massages, but recently I also discovered microcurrent – an incredibly natural way to firm up your complexion. Furthermore, my selection of hydrating products such as hyaluronic acid and eye creams helps my concealer glide on seamlessly for that perfect finish.

To have a truly luminous complexion, my go-to beauty regimen is double cleansing. First you must get rid of any makeup, dirt and grime with a creamy product – this will eliminate all impurities from your skin. After that’s finished, deep cleanse the topmost layer to give it added protection for regeneration at night. This simple yet effective process will leave your skin feeling refreshed and radiant!

Twice or thrice a week, I indulge in facial massage. People tend to underestimate the potential of massage; however, it can do wonders for our skin! It firms and tightens the face by improving circulation and stimulating collagen production while diminishing wrinkles – all without any cost.


Every Sunday, my grandmother would invite me and my sister to her house for dinner. She always urged us to “rendez-vous with mascara” before coming over – an unspoken ode to femininity. I never got into makeup much, yet there is one thing that I’ll never travel without: mascara! Even though it’s a small touch of beauty, it sure does make all the difference in bringing out your best features.

No Excuses 

Growing up, my mother and grandmother instilled in me the significance of discipline for maintaining beauty. Taking care of your skin is essential to beautiful glowing skin- whether it be regularly cleansing your face before bedtime, avoiding thick foundations that can obstruct pores, getting enough restful sleep or eating nourishing food.

Less is More 

French women take an entirely different approach to beauty than many other countries. Instead of focusing on looking younger, they focus on embracing their age and enhancing what makes them unique – teaching their daughters that it’s about the whole package, not just one aspect. Smiling brings out your best features even more – et voilà!.

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