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Get off the Plane Looking Good

Why Does Flying Make Me Look So Messy?

When you’re up in the air, 35,000 feet high, and pondering what’s happening to your skin, just unwrap the complimentary roll that comes with dinner (or the paid for sandwich)—it’ll be stale within seconds! Minutes later, it will be entirely dried out and utterly inedible.

While the sun is often an overlooked factor, it becomes a crucial one when you’re in the air because there’s much less atmosphere between you and it. That said, remember to pack Green Tea SPF 30 Sunblock (it should be 3.4 ounces or smaller) for your trip, along with either Seaberry Moisturizer (comes in tube form and is packed with aromatic oils), or its alternative, Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer, both of which must also be 3.4 ounces or under!

I don’t usually put on makeup until we’re about to land, unless I’m traveling with someone who inspires me enough to do so. Throughout the flight, however, it’s important for me to keep my skin hydrated and protected from the sun.

To accomplish this goal, I apply moisture cream and sunscreen regularly—as often as possible! Additionally, a lip balm made of healing ingredients or one that contains SPF is essential for keeping your lips healthy during long flights. And yes, I make sure to drink plenty of H2O too!

I get up to fetch a glass of water every five minutes, but as soon as I’m back in my seat, I use hand sanitizer; it eradicates all germs without leading to antibiotic resistance. Plus, the scent is absolutely amazing!

The ultimate goal is to remain secure and comfortable on a plane, however having an equipped airplane bag can also be a luxurious experience. Pamper yourself with creams and balms during the journey; you will feel nourished, comforted, and—once you reach your destination—radiantly refreshed!

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