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4 Makeup Essentials for Summer

Tips & Tricks for Summer

Let the summer sun be your beauty weapon! Refresh and add some flair to your look with a few tweaks to your makeup routine. From days spent in the park or lounging on the beach, you’ll bask in long-lasting confidence knowing that no matter what comes up, you’re ready for it.

Start With a Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

It is important to maintain your skin’s health and youthfulness by using sunscreen. A great way of doing this without piling on multiple products, is opting for a three-in-one tinted moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF that can act as both sun protection and foundation. 

Be sure to apply it at least 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun and remember – don’t skip out on any areas such as the neck or décolleté! After you have allowed the product time to absorb into your skin, then feel free to go ahead with your makeup routine.

Choose a Neutral Palette for your EyeShadow

Enhance your eyes and bring out their depth with a combination of warm and cool neutral shades. A nude eye shadow palette comprising an array of colors will offer you the variety to craft various looks, from a subtle shimmery daytime look to a strong smoky ensemble. Neutrals are always appropriate for any situation, whether it be on the beach or at dinner.

Get a beach ready look without the hassle of too much makeup by applying a matte, nude shade that is just slightly darker than your skin tone to the crease and blending over the lid. This will give you dimension while still covering any discoloration. To keep it simple yet effective, skip eyeliner on both lashlines and only use one coat of waterproof mascara.

Add that Natural Flushed Look With a Cream Blush

Cream blush is specially formulated to provide a subtle yet vibrant flush of color that lasts all day. To achieve the natural flushed look, simply sweep the product across your cheekbones and blend towards your temples with gentle strokes for a seamless finish.

What matters most when applying blush is the type of brush you use! For intense color, choose a dense blush brush, and for softer tones opt for a light texturing brush. Oily skin can cause cream formulas to rub off easily so be sure to set your look with a dusting of translucent finishing powder – this will keep your blush in place without compromising its vibrancy.

Finish With a Vibrant Lipstick

Brimming with a splash of color, a lip look can be truly elevated. During the summer months when our eyes are shielded from the sun by those large sunglasses, high-impact lip shades enable us to make an unforgettable statement!

To complete your makeup collection, add a subtle yet vibrant nude-pink tone, along with an iconic matte red and energizing hot pink or fuchsia. Also, lip crayons are absolute must-have due to their pencil format and attached sharpener for easy use.


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