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Get Ready to Master Your Concealer

Discover the Art of Applying Concealer Without Mistakes!

Concealer is the ultimate secret weapon for a no-makeup look: Done correctly, most people can achieve flawless skin without needing foundation. The key? Only use concealer on the targeted areas and avoid caking it on—it’s all about using a judicious amount!

With this technique, you’ll be able to quickly diminish any blemishes or shadows under your eyes while still highlighting your natural beauty.


For a truly transformative eye look, tap some Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream at the outer corners of your eyes. This is an essential trick that all makeup artists swear by! The combination of anti-aging vitamins and rosehip promotes a youthful eye area.

It not only softens the appearance of fine lines for a smooth look but also saves you from having to pile on concealer. Plus, this whipped mix sinks into skin almost immediately, leaving it plumped and super hydrated—what more could you want?

  • This luxurious Eye Cream provides the delicate eye area with deep hydration, soothing comfort, and a firmer appearance. Formulated with hydrating vitamin e, green tea, and green coffee, it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles while increasing elasticity for an instantly youthful glow. Experience immediate, visible results that will only be enhanced over time!


Utilize your brush to get a small amount of concealer, then transfer it onto the side of your hand. The heat generated from your skin will help liquefy the product and make the application much simpler.

Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Concealer, made with olea europaea oil, is easily absorbed into the skin to provide a virtually seamless finish. With this product, you can cover up any imperfections without anyone ever knowing!

  • This hydrating concealer effortlessly glides over flaws and blemishes, producing a perfect complexion with ease. With the lighter shades of this cover-up, your skin will look as though you’ve applied makeup in no time!


For a flawless complexion, grab your concealer and brush to carefully blend only the areas you wish to hide. Avoid adding coverage to other parts of your face that don’t require it for an airbrushed finish.


For flawless coverage, lightly tap your concealer into place with either your ring finger or middle finger. The secret is to pat – not rub! When you rub the product around too much, it will just end up in areas that don’t need concealing and create an unnatural caked-on look.

Tap gently yet firmly until the area appears evened out and any under eye circles are no longer visible on your face – which may seem impossible at first but trust us, a few taps later you won’t be able to tell they were there in the first place!


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