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Are You Familiar with Lip Lifts?

Since the onset of COVID-19 safety protocols, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have observed an unusual rise in lip-related procedures—including lip lifts. This procedure entails removing a small strip of skin between the nose and upper lip and tightening the muscle to lift it into its new position.

More and more people are embracing hair extensions as part of their look, so let’s discover what looks best on you, where to get it from, and how to ensure the most natural-looking style.

It may be easy to believe that the only people who’ve had their lips done are those with an overly-filled appearance, but a sign of a successful tweak is its undetectability. In reality, far more individuals have sought lip enhancement than you’d expect – and it’s all thanks to aesthetic professionals’ ability to create natural proportions without anyone noticing!

With results that are highly dependent on individual desires and needs, lip enhancement procedures vary from dissolvable injectable fillers to permanent lip lift surgery. The key is to keep the upper lip in proportion with the lower; when they become disproportionate it can create an overdone look. To achieve this balance, one might consider something called a ‘lip flip’ which involves using botulinum toxin injections.

It is important to inquire about how often your doctor performs the operation that you are considering and view before-and-after images. Do not be hesitant to ask if it is possible for you to speak with a post surgery patient in order to get an accurate idea of how their lips move, as well as potential scarring. A proficient surgeon should have no issue providing access to many contented patients who would gladly chat with prospective clients such as yourself.

Learn How to Make Your Lips Look Plump and Full From The Comfort of Home!


Boosting your pout with a lip scrub, cloth or gua sha stone will produce an instant swelling effect that can give you fuller looking lips. Skin care experts at home and in-office treatments claim to offer this volume boosting result – all of which are temporary but great for special occasions or even just video calls!

Scrubs such as the jojoba infused one, contain added hydrating benefits. To target fine lines caused by pursed lips, gua sha can be employed to great effect. Start with a back-and-forth motion at both the lower and upper edges of your lips using the comb edge of the stone, followed by movement on to your actual lip area itself.


Keeping your lips moisturized and looking full is as easy as applying a lip balm with the best botanical oils – coconut, argan, castor seed, jojoba and sunflower. With 100%Pure’s Lip Balm you’ll experience maximum hydration from its enriching shea butter & pomegranate extract formula plus additional nourishment from avocado oil and Vitamin E. Keep your lips feeling soft all day long!

Incorporating Color Creates a Lasting Impression

Lip color is the quickest way to bring out your lips’ shape. Even makeup artistry professionals have established that you can make your lips look fuller without having surgery! Top makeup artist Gucci Westman has useful tips for applying: use a lip brush if you want an accurate and distinct outline, or resort to using only fingers for something softer. To complete this transformation of fuller-looking lips, apply some light-reflecting gloss or tinted balm on top of it all — by itself even works great too!

Lip Fillers

Fillers have been harshly criticized in the past due to some people’s excessive use of them, yet it is all about proper technique. “In most cases, half a vial or less is sufficient for lip injections and if more than that is needed, then you won’t get subtle results.” Patients should be able to watch their doctor while they are injecting too so there’s no risk of overfilling. If patients don’t like what they see after receiving fillers, an enzyme called hyaluronidase can dissolve the materials within one day!

The importance of choosing dissolvable fillers for your lips cannot be overstated. The FDA does not approve the use of permanent or semi-permanent products, especially silicone, due to an increased chance of forming lumps and imbalances within the lip tissue if injected improperly; these are known as granulomas. To avoid this danger altogether, always go with a product that is designed to dissolve naturally in your body over time!

The “resorbable” element is imperative. It’s paramount to never employ permanent or semi-permanent fillers in the lips for it has not been authorized by the FDA. Consequently, there is a slight but palpable risk that your lip can respond negatively and generate nodules as well as granulomas – leading to lumpiness and unevenness regardless of its precise injection.

Although FDA-approved fillers can provide positive results, it is important to remember that each individual has a limit as to how much filler they should use. Unfavorable side effects such as muscle impairment and the potential for migration over time are possible if too much filler is used – so caution must be taken when considering these products.

Following a treatment, patients may experience swelling or bruising lasting several days to weeks. While refill appointments are typically scheduled twice annually, larger amounts of filler and more intense treatments could require additional visits over longer periods of time. Although filler can last for years if applied in non-active areas, lips which move constantly will reduce its longevity considerably; so be sure that your doctor takes baseline photographs beforehand to prevent unnecessary volume enhancements!

Enhance your natural beauty with a lip lift

If you would like to create a fuller look and show more of your teeth when the mouth is not activated, then consider getting a lip lift. This procedure can be especially helpful if the skin between your nostrils and top lip has always been longer or lengthened over time.

A well-executed lip lift should be totally inconspicuous, and it is important to know that this procedure has come a long way in recent years.

Whilst lip lifts can be a great option for many, they are not suitable for everyone. To ensure the safety of our patients and successfully treat them, we must first carefully scrutinize their dental position as well as protruding teeth to make sure that they have enough mouth closure strength prior to considering this procedure. Additionally, it is important to account for healing time which may range from three weeks up until three months; keep in mind that once you undergo the treatment, its effects will remain permanent.

Lip Flip

If you’re looking for a transient, yet costly option, then the lip flip could be your best bet. By utilizing botulinum toxin to relax the muscles on the exterior of your lips without impacting those close to its opening, it can make more visible portions of them appear pinker. It’s an off-label procedure that won’t leave anyone guessing what you did!

For those wishing to improve their lip lines, Botulinum Toxin should be injected above the edge of the lips for optimum results. Lip Flip is a milder version with effects lasting up to two months which offer subtle yet visible results! It’s perfect if you’d like a less dramatic transformation that still makes an impact.


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