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Getting Ready To Party, Tips To Look Your Best

Look Your Best with This Quick and Easy Hair & Makeup Routine for Parties!

During the holiday season, it’s often best to stick with a basic look. A simple red lip and natural eye makeup can go a long way when attending parties full of bad angles and selfies! There is something so stunning about having luminous skin paired with a strong lip color – it truly makes you stand out from the crowd. Why not take your look up an extra notch by adding in some sparkle or an elegant pin? You’ll be sure to feel festive then!


Transform Your Skin With A Flawless Finish!

Unlock the secret to perfect skin – exfoliate! With 100% Pure products, you can easily slough off dead cells and reveal a radiantly polished complexion. Plus, whatever makeup you use afterwards will go on smoother and leave behind a more natural look. Get ready for seriously beautiful skin with this simple step!

—all of which are incredible, but if you wish for your skin to truly radiate, 

Erase the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes with 100%Pure face oil, treat your under-eye area to a plumping gel mask, then use her vibrating gold roller for an instant lift and firming effect that will last all night. You’ll be left feeling brighter than ever!

Nourish Your Skin With The Perfect Level Of Hydration – Moisturize Today!

Not only will moisturizer and eye cream benefit the health of your skin, but they can also give you a more youthful look by temporarily plumping up the skin and smoothing out wrinkles. Additionally, it helps your foundation or concealer blend flawlessly for an effortless finish!

Enhance Your Skin’s Radiance With A Touch-Up!

Moisturizer can do wonders for your skin and if you want a hint of radiance, add primer such as the one from 100%Pure. You then have the option to apply foundation or use a concealer brush with your foundation stick to cover any imperfections. If you need more coverage than that, it’s easy enough – just keep adding!

Brighten Your Eyes

To achieve a natural look with an added hint of boldness, define your eyes subtly. Start by using liquid eyeliner to draw between the roots of your lashes along the outer half of your upper lids. Use a Q-tip to refine and clean up this line before applying mascara for an extra touch of definition.

With the trendiest pair of fake eyelashes and premium makeup, mascara and eyeliner become unnecessary. The end result is a stunning appearance that will turn heads wherever you go!

Take a few minutes to define and enhance your brows with either a pencil or gel. After all, having beautiful eyebrows is what truly frames your face!

Let’s Celebrate!

To accentuate your natural beauty, use a sheeny highlighter in strategic points of the face. Gently glide along your cheekbones, inner eyes and Cupid’s bow to create an attractive glow. To finish off with extra sparkle – dab some on eyelids for that glossy effect! The right highlight will make you shine like no other!

The last step to achieving the perfect look is, of course, a bold lip. Anything from classic reds and pinks will do just fine! Use a brush for that timeless shape and texture before adding some color onto your cheeks too. If you’re looking for something more subtle than lipstick, opt for tinted gloss or even balm – all equally dainty additions to any makeup routine.

A Perfectly Styled Evening

For optimal shine and fantastic texture, pamper your hair with the 100% Pure serum 20 minutes before showering. This miracle-worker is formulated with cuticle-sealing vitamin C, omega-rich sea buckthorn oil, and plumeria monoi oil for maximum benefit regardless of your hair type or texture. Post treatment you can use ultra moisturizing shampoo & conditioner followed by a careful drying routine to tamp down frizz further. The end result? Less frizz plus amazing shine and bouncy texture!

Lustrous and Glowing

To give your locks a gorgeous shape and texture, create either bouncy curls or wavy tresses. Divide your hair into one-inch sections, curling each section for about five seconds with the wand facing down. For an even more polished look, alternate directions when wrapping each strand around the wand — just make sure not to forget!

Once you’ve completed styling your hair, give it a shake and gently comb through with your fingers. To add the perfect finishing touch to smooth out any frizziness or increase shine, use 100%Pure Hair Serum! It will instantly revitalize limp strands and leave your locks looking silky smooth. Your hair will thank you for this added boost of nourishment!

Achieve Effortless Elegance With A Textured Top knot

To create a radiant messy topknot, firstly spritz some hairspray all over your hair and scrunch it to give it texture. Gather the mane up in a tall ponytail, twist around its base and pin with an eye-catching hairpin – make sure to let several strands loose for that romantic look! If you want extra hold, try braiding the ponytail before wrapping it around. This styling trick looks intricate and will definitely add oomph to any look.

Half-Up Twist

To achieve the ever-popular half-up, half-down style, spritz some dry shampoo into your roots for added texture and volume. Separate a prominent section of hair from just above your ears then twist it up into a bun to be secured with bobby pins or clips. Want extra assurance that everything stays in place? Just lightly coat the pin in dry shampoo – not only will you get more grip but also an additional hold.

Glam Your Hair

Instantly add glamor to your look with a beautiful headband or shimmery pins! Headbands are especially eye-catching when worn on long hair, adorned with sparkling crystals and velvet details. Simply place the band slightly behind your ears for an effortless yet glamorous style. Gold or silver bobby pins can also be used to create texture and shine – no need to hide them away anymore! Every outfit deserves a little sparkle, so why not up the ante by adding an unexpected glimmer of surprise?

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