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The Secret to Fabulous Curls

My Latest Hair Care Routine

I hate to admit it, but there’s an artistry that goes into creating my messy hair. Those flyaways floating up around my head and tendrils falling from a bun give the illusion of not having enough time to secure them back with bobby pins, when in reality, I usually spend minutes standing at the mirror, carefully pulling out each crinkly piece to coil down my neck. It’s a meticulous pursuit of seeming haphazardness!

I’m ecstatic that my hair has never looked better—all thanks to this growth preshampoo serum. It’s undeniable that the product makes an immense difference in how my curly locks appear and feel; they are now bouncy, voluminous, and move every which way as I step out of a photo shoot!

Not only does it soften up any roughness at the ends, but its gentle citrus fragrance is always a welcome treat too. In fact, after using it for some time now, I can’t help but question if I got myself a trim recently-it works so well!

This magical serum works wonders on a variety of hair types; my friend’s straight blonde locks look dazzlingly glossy and delicately windswept. I asked her the secret behind this new glow, to which she responded with laughter: “Well, it turns out I have been using your hair serum!”

Not to be confused with hair oil, this serum is the perfect foundation for any hair routine. Whereas oils are important in nourishing and protecting your locks from damage, think of this serum as the first step that will lay the groundwork for healthy and beautiful-looking tresses! I personally still use my favorite oils on top of it—and you should too!

Use the serum on dry hair, from the scalp to the tips, and let it stay for at least twenty minutes. This will help nourish your locks with the abundant moisture that curly or kinky textures need more than ever!

My hairstyle routine is already easier due to this serum’s ability to reduce frizz and make detangling a breeze; check out my haircare regime further down in this post if you want an inside look.

On the occasions I decide to wash my hair (which is usually once or twice a week), I make sure to take some time during the day for an impromptu pampering session. After massaging about one and a half droppers of serum into my tresses, I pull them up into either a loose high bun, with a few strands left out, or fun Bantu knots.

By nightfall, when it’s time to shampoo and condition my locks, they have already developed an amazingly smooth texture that will transform those coils into voluminous curls while I sleep!

Unlock Your Luxurious Curls and Say Goodbye to Wild Frizz


Every week, I luxuriate in a shower with the Avocado Scalp Scrub—a decadent mousse containing Sea salt that serves to detoxify my scalp and eliminate any residue of dirt, oil, or product. Its invigorating scent drifts through the bathroom while I delicately lather it into my hair—an absolutely heavenly experience!

Made from Aloe Leaf juice, this shampoo has become one of my must-haves for maintaining healthy locks.


Subsequently, I massaged Honey and Virgin Coconut Conditioner into my hair and let it sit for three minutes as I lathered up. It’s like a luxurious spa day in the shower every time!

Afterward, my locks become softer than ever before—all thanks to the much-needed hydration delivered by this adorable bottle that stands out amongst other bathroom items.


For my desired ‘offhandedly’ look, I only brush my hair when it is saturated with conditioner in the shower. This helps to minimize breakage and damage that could be caused by brushing when dry or using a comb.

Nevertheless, this specific comb is extraordinary; its bendy bristles make their way into every snarl and knot while providing an invigorating feeling against the scalp. On special occasions, drying my curls results in a beautiful halo-like Afro puff, which gives me great satisfaction!


To safeguard my delicate, damp curls from becoming frizzy, I treat them to a turban towel. This premium option features special ultra-absorbent fibers that are gentler than traditional terry cloth and avoid excessive friction with your strands—which can be a major culprit of breakage when hair is wet.


For an instant beachy curl texture, I work in a small scoop of this intensely hydrating and curl-defining cream. It nourishes my hair with its rich ingredients, such as Hemisqualane and Bisabolol before allowing it to air dry.


After vigorous workouts and days on end without brushing, I bring my curls back to life with a few drops of this multitasking hair oil. The incredibly hydrating Rosehip oil works magic in an instant, lending definition to my coils while taming stubborn frizz.


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