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Healthy Sleep, Healthy Body

Establishing and maintaining healthy sleep routines

Every evening, it is essential to engage in an “active rest” routine – exercises and activities that will help facilitate your body into a deep sleep. We can’t just abruptly go from being awake to asleep whenever we want; instead, we need to actively relax so our bodies are prepared for the transition.

Dedicate a few evenings to take care of your skin and make it an intentional ritual with tools such as a rose quartz roller and paper fan in order to bring mindfulness.

Bed Prep


Whether you have been wearing a lot of makeup or just the bare minimum, it’s important to start cleansing your face. Gently wipe away any residue with a damp muslin cloth for a light exfoliating effect. Instead of drying your skin with an ordinary towel, try using one of those paper fans and feel how soothing that is! This can be done after applying toner as well.


For the perfect complexion, use a toner with probiotics to restore balance and aid in product absorption. Afterward, apply Barrier Restore Serum for an extra boost of hydration and nourishing benefits.

Face Rolling

Invigorate your skin with a rolling massage that aids in the absorption of products; it’s so calming, almost like a form of relaxation. Start by applying an eye gel to ensure that you have hydrated under-eyes and brow bone area – then roll away! Complete your routine with a thin layer of face cream, massaging from all angles around the neckline and decolletage too.

Off To Bed

Finally, you can relax and rest your head on a luxurious silk pillowcase that’s great for both your skin and hair.

Simple care to ensure a restful night.

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