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Here’s How to Always Get the Perfect Self-Tan

How to Get a Flawless Tan in Only a Few Easy Steps


A natural, even, super flattering glow is achievable with a little know-how—and it’s not as complicated or time-consuming as many self-tanner bottles and articles make it sound.

The prevailing wisdom involves exfoliation combined with some awkward waiting time in the bathroom for the tanner to dry. But we’re here to say that neither of those things are necessary.


Select the best self-tanner. This tanner provides a perfect, subtle but noticeable color that blends in effortlessly, and it doesn’t transfer—so you can put on a white T-shirt right after application without any worries.

It whips into a light, fluffy foam when dispensed onto the mitt (which is worth getting), and it’s so easy to smooth in that it’s practically miraculous. (Somehow the foam is both light and moisturizing enough that it melts into your skin instead of seizing up, as many fast-drying tanners tend to do.)

Applying this product is quick and easy because it’s lightweight, and you won’t even feel it once it’s on. Plus, the tan it produces is flawless—smooth, natural-looking, without any splotches or an artificial appearance.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: This elegant, clear tanning mousse is a dream to apply. Formulated for an even and seamless deep bronze color, it’s light and airy while providing long-lasting results. Soothing aloe vera combines with powerful pigment for a natural looking bronze glow that will last all day. Aromaguard fragrance technology eliminates up to 70% of the unpleasant odors associated with other self tanners.


Body creams, lotions, oils, and even lip balms can act as great blending agents for self-tanners and make the process a thousand times easier. A rich and thick cream like Rodin’s jasmine-and-neroli infused tube works best.

First, smooth a good dollop of it between your palms and fingers (this will help prevent tanned palms), then use any leftover product on dryer patches of skin such as elbows, ankles, knees, etc.

Dry, thick skin doesn’t hold tanner as well, which can result in dark and light patches that look unrealistic. By rubbing cream into those areas before self-tanning, you make the skin more resistant to the color. This results in an overall even bronze tone instead of blotchiness.

Honey Almond Whipped Body Butter – Apply this luxurious cream alone or with olio lusso body oil to achieve hydrated skin.


The best part is, this rule works regardless: If you accidentally forget to use it and just apply self-tanner without the buffer, you can always go over any patchy areas afterwards—you’ll still get an even tan.


First, focus on the areas of your skin that are drier and more difficult to tan. Apply the tanner evenly to these places. I always start with my feet because they are the hardest to get right. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies so you don’t end up with pale spots.


Slowly move the tanning sponge or brush up your legs in smooth strokes, continuing until you’re sure the color is evenly distributed. Don’t worry about blending too much–it’s impossible to overblend. It’s also difficult to use too much self-tanner—adding more won’t make you darker; it will only guarantee that there are no streaks or missed spots.


You don’t have to worry about getting your entire body tanned unless you really want to. (But think about who might see you naked if you’re only going for partial coverage.)


Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly when you’re done applying tanner; nobody wants faded palms. Even though you were wearing gloves, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Once your hands are completely dry, apply a bit of tanner on the back of one hand and rub them together so the color is evenly distributed. A uniform tan looks best, after all.


Tear open a face wipe and hold it over the thicker, drier spots on your skin for about five seconds. (Apply body cream to them now if you forgot to at the beginning.) Dab lightly all over your face with the face wipe until you’re through. Give your palms and the space between your fingers a final swipe with the face wipe when you’re done so that there’s no product residue left on them.

PCA SKIN Makeup Removing Wipes: With a calming formula, this product is perfect for anyone who wants to refresh after the gym, take off their makeup easily, or change their life by reducing breakouts.


Get on with your life and don’t worry about the tanner transferring, even onto white sheets—you shouldn’t shower for at least 8 hours anyway. You can still look great by throwing on a loose sundress, shorts, and tank top!

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