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Highlighter Tutorial

Learn How To Use Highlighter

In the hot, sticky days of summer, dewy-fresh skin looks most natural. In winter, however, extra moisture and a tinge more color are necessary to achieve an awakened and bright look. 

Having beautiful skin year-round is easy when you have the right tools and know how to use them effectively. One of the most important tools for keeping your skin looking radiant is a highlighter.

If used correctly, a highlighter can do wonders for your skin. This guide will show you how to apply highlighter like a pro, regardless of your skill level.

Highlighter or Luminizer? Are They The Same Thing?

If you came to 100% PURE looking for a highlighter, you might be surprised by the variety of the purest and healthiest products. 

If you’re looking for a highlighter that doesn’t make your skin look obviously “done up” or glittery, our Luminating Creme is an original skin-illuminating product designed to keep your skin looking radiant and natural.

A Luminizer is a product that would both nourish the skin to keep it hydrated and leave behind a true dewy glow. Highlighters and illuminators only existed at the time, but they were made with micron particles too large to look natural when applied to the skin. 

Function Of The Luminizer

A luminizer is a product that both highlights and illuminates. If you aren’t familiar with those two products, here’s a little background.

  • Illuminator: It’s a product that makes your whole face glow. You can find liquid, powder, or cream illuminators. Illuminators are mostly rubbed over your entire face and neck to brighten your complexion and give a dewy look. An illuminator is softer in color than a highlighter because it’s supposed to keep skin looking illuminated all day long.
  • Highlighter: It’s a product applied to certain areas on the skin, such as the brow bone, cheekbones, and cupid’s bow. Highlighters are available in cream, powder, and liquid form. By attracting light where it’s applied, highlighters create a healthy natural shimmer that can make your cheekbones look higher, eyebrows more defined, and lips fuller.

Luminizers are the perfect combination of a highlighter and an illuminator. It can be used on areas of your face and body to create a more flawless, natural look. They are less noticeable than highlighters and have more staying power than illuminators, making them the perfect choice for creating a bit of drama.

Give your skin a natural-looking glow with Luminating Creme from 100% PURE.

How To Use Luminizer?

Luminzers can be used in the same ways as highlighters, but we recommend using them more sparingly. They work best to simply add a little shine and awakened look to your skin. When using a luminizer, place it strategically on eye-catching areas of the face or body.

A luminizer can:

  1. Bring your skin back to life post-foundation;
  2. Make it seem like you have higher cheekbones or define other features;
  3. Hide problem areas on your skin; 
  4. Give off the alluring appearance of having just left a yoga class.

They are easy to use but require some technique to apply them correctly. If you don’t, you may look shiny or weirdly glowy.  To achieve a flawless finish every day, follow these tips for using luminizers properly.

Using After Foundation

Many people commit the beauty faux pas of applying a luminizer before their foundation, but this only works to smother your skin and create an unnatural finish. If you want your luminizer to have maximum effect, apply it after you’ve put on your foundation.

Use a primer with bakuchiol oil to make your foundation go on smoother and help your skin look more alive.

Although it is flat and opaque, foundation does provide the base for the rest of your products.

Give yourself a better foundation with Fruit Pigmented® Full Coverage Water Foundation. Unlike most foundations, ours is buildable, so you can use more product in problem areas and less where you don’t need it.

Use foundation only where you need it. You can always add more, but it’s much harder to take away the excess. After applying your foundation, start using your luminizer.

Use It Strategically

A little goes a long way with this product, so start by applying a small amount. You can always add more if needed. Use your luminizer on areas you want to highlight for the best results.

Where To Apply?

Depending on what you want to accentuate, focus the luminizer (a light-reflecting color) on areas such as your cheekbones, chin, cupid’s bow, nose, forehead, collarbone, the center of the eyelid, and under the eyebrows.

  • Chin: If you have oily skin, you can skip this next step. Otherwise, apply a dot of luminizer to the center of your chin just below the center of your bottom lip. Only use a small amount for this area; using too much product will leave an unwanted shine on your face.
  • Cheekbones: Use your fingers to apply luminizer to focus on the area just below the outermost parts of your eyes, steering clear from applying it too close to the center of your face. If you get the product closer to your nose, it will make your skin look greasy instead of glowing.
  • Nose: For a dewy look, add luminizer to the bridge of your nose. Apply it in an upward motion, and stop just below the center of your eyes. Sweep it down towards the tip of your nose.
  • Cupid’s bow: Common knowledge will tell you to put highlighter on the philtrum, but this area is actually between your nose and cupid’s bow. However, doing this gives off the vibe that you have a sinus infection.

A little goes a long way with luminizer, so only apply it to the ridges of your cupid’s bow. You can use a brush for extra precision. Applying luminizer before lip color will give you a more natural look in the end.

You can also use luminizer on your bare lips to add a beautiful, natural sheen and three-dimensional look. Simply apply a small amount of product to the center of both your bottom and top lip for best results.

  • Forehead: Use a light hand when applying luminizer to your forehead. A small amount of product will give you the desired effect, and avoid going for a shade that is too dark as it can make your forehead look dirty. Opt for something more transparent instead. Apply the luminizer in the center of your forehead just above your eyebrows to create an ethereal, dewy illusion.
  • Eyebrows: To make it seem like you have a higher arch, use a luminizer. Get a brush or your finger ready and then apply a small amount of luminizer above the arch of your brow. You should see an immediate difference that will give your eyebrows more lift.
  • Centers of eyelids and corners of eyes: A luminizer is a must-have for anyone who wants to draw attention to their eyes. We recommend using it before applying shadow or eyeliner, which will create a more natural look.
  • Use your finger or brush to apply a small line of luminizer in the center of your eyelid and just above the lash line. Also, add some above the inner “v” of your eyes–this will brighten them and make them appear more open.
  • Body: Luminizer creates a natural glow when applied to places like the tops of your shoulders, the outer edges of your arms, the centers of your legs, and the ridges on your shoulder blades. You can even add a little to places like your knuckles so that they catch the light as you move around.
  • Collarbones: The light-reflective qualities of a luminizer make it perfect for using all over your body, not just your face. If you’re wearing something with a plunging neckline or exposed shoulders, sweep some luminizer over the tops of your collarbones to accentuate them and give yourself an all over glow.
How Much Product?

A little goes a long way. You can always add more makeup, but it’s much harder to remove too much product without ruining the rest of your makeup. Use a small amount of luminizer and build up as needed. 

If you feel like you’ve applied enough but still can’t see it, try looking at yourself in natural lighting instead of immediately adding more product.

Use Your Fingertips

100% PURE Luminating Creme is best applied with your fingertips, as the heat will melt the product and make it easier to spread and blend. For areas that require more precision, such as your cupid’s bow or the inner corners of your eyes, use a brush with a fine tip to apply luminizer. Before using it on these areas, test your brush application on the back of your hand or arm to make sure you know how the product will perform.

Make sure to blend the luminizer in well — you don’t want any lines of separation between where the product starts and stops.

Using Upward Motions

The objective of using luminizer is to essentially highlight and create deceitful shadows that make your bone structure appear more lifted. When applying it on areas such as your cheekbones, brow bones, or the bridge of your nose, use only quick upward strokes. If you brush downwards instead, you will end up with product residue in unwanted places like the middle of your cheeks, under your eye area, and on/around your eyebrows– which defeats the purpose.

Is It Possible To Replace Bronzer With Luminizer?

The amount of natural color you have and the desired look will ultimately dictate which product to use. A bronzer usually has more pigment than a luminizer and deposited correctly, can give skin a sun-kissed appearance. On the other hand, luminizers are ideal for those wanting dewy skin all year round as they add breathability and an extra level of dimension.

A bronzer can give your skin a year-round sun-kissed look, as the undertones in most bronzers are meant to make your skin appear as though you have recently returned from abroad.

The 100% PURE Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer is formulated with skin-nourishing vitamin-rich fruit and cocoa pigments and gives a natural flush of color to all skin tones. However, it can also be used as a highlighter on darker skin tones for an added glow.

Which Shade Is The Best For My Undertone?

There are many shades of 100% PURE Luminizers, ranging from pearl-esque translucent to golden. While you can use them all on any skin tone to create different looks, here is our recommended approach:  

Pink Finishes

Shade finishes that have a hint of color, like 100% PURE Fruit Pigmented® Gemmed Luminizer in Moonstone Glow, work best for people with medium skin tones and olive undertones. This stands out on medium-toned skin without being too shiny or dramatic. 

The original luminizer is still a great option for those with medium skin tones and can be used as an everyday shade.

Gold Finishes

If you have darker skin, gold finishes are the best way to go. Our Copper Gold shade will make your skin tone look radiant and natural without making it appear glittery or bronzed. 100% PURE Fruit Pigmented® Gemmed Luminizer is also a great shade for dark skin tones as well as our Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer, which can act as a highlighter on very dark skin tones.

Pearl Finishes 

Our Pink Gold Taffeta shade is gorgeous and has an opalescent finish that looks great with pale to light-colored skin tones. If you use a foundation shade on the lighter side or if you prefer cool tones, then our pearl finish is ideal for you.

However, our original luminizer is a great shade for any skin tone. Because it has nearly no color, it reflects light in such a way that creates the illusion of a healthy and believable skin glow.

What Is Important To Look For In A Luminizer?

For the best makeup results, choose cosmetics with natural ingredients. Some luminizers contain talc, which can irritate your skin. 100% PURE products are made with living, food-grade ingredients like raw, organic coconut oil, caster seed oil, and vitamin E to keep your skin hydrated and healthy while giving you a flawless look.

Here are the ingredients that make our luminizer so great.

Coconut Oil

Our #1 ingredient for beautiful, healthy skin is 100% PURE coconut oil. It’s sustainably sourced and always organic, raw, and cold-pressed to maintain its beneficial properties. Unlike other brands that use heat in the extraction process that can degrade quality, our luminizers have a luxurious Coconut Oil base that glides on smoothly, leaving your skin hydrated & glowing.

Jojoba Oil

It is one of the closest oils to our own human sebum. Jojoba oil easily blends into the skin and is absorbed quickly, without ever leaving the skin feeling greasy. Full of antioxidants, it’s excellent for hydrating and can be found in many luminizers. We also recommend using jojoba oil as a primer before applying your foundation. 

Castor Seed Oil

There are many benefits to using castor seed oil on your skin. It is rich in fatty acids, which makes it a natural anti-inflammatory. This can help to calm and soothe troubled skin. Additionally, it’s a great base for a luminizer because it deeply hydrates the skin and helps the product apply smoothly and evenly.

Extract Of Rosemary

The benefits of rosemary leaf extract are endless! This plant-based ingredient is packed with antioxidants that help protect your skin. It also has cleansing properties that keep your skin feeling soft and supple. And to top it all off, rosemary extract has a pleasant scent that can fragrance a product without the use of dangerous chemicals.


Beeswax is a natural wax that helps protect your skin from environmental stressors and retains moisture better than any other type of wax. Our organic beeswax is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help protect your skin.

Shine Bright!

A luminizer is a multifunctional product that can be used to create dewy, glowing skin without heavy makeup. You can use it to achieve a flawless finish, enliven your skin, create the illusion of higher bone structure, and even add a hint of dramatic shimmer.

It’s important to know how to correctly use a luminizer. Because it is both a highlighter and an illuminator, you aren’t limited in where you apply it to your body. In addition to your face, you can also put luminizer on your collarbones, shoulders, arms, and legs!

Our luminizers are the best on the market because it contains high-quality ingredients that are safe for your skin. When you’re ready to use a luminizer, make sure you’re using the original luminizers of 100% PURE!

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