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Makeup at Home

Are You Ready To Become Your Own Makeup artist? 

Before Jumping Into Your Skincare Routine, Take A Moment To Prep Your Skin first!

Before you begin your makeup routine, it’s essential to remember the fundamental step of preparing and pampering your skin. Start off by cleansing with a toner-soaked cotton pad—this will help get rid of any dirt or oil left on the face after washing. Afterwards, massage in a moisturizer onto key areas such as the forehead, chin, cheeks – using an upwards motion until absorbed completely into the skin; never forget to add some moisture to your neck (including back) too! Last but not least – nourish lips with lip balm for that extra hydration boost!

Confidence Throughout The Day.

Foundation, Concealer

To get the perfect shade of foundation for your skin tone, ensure that it matches with your neck instead of just applying it to your face. Dab a bit on the back of your hand as an easy palette and spread it outwards from the center to all parts of your face including forehead, nose, cheeks and chin using only clean fingertips. This will guarantee even application across both face and neck alike!

For the most effective coverage, use a brush to apply concealer in only the areas that need it – under eyes, chin, T-zone and around your nose. Remember not to be too generous with product application: focus on spot treating for best results!

Flutter Those Lashes!

Always curl your lashes before you go out – it will make your face appear more awake and alert.” To do this, start at the root of the eyelashes and gradually “walk” up to the ends. You won’t regret having taken that extra step!

For an exaggerated fluttery lash look, make sure to apply two coats of mascara and wait a few moments for the pigment to dry before adding another layer.

 Vibrant Shadows Bring Out The Confidence Within!

Enhance your eyes with 100%Pure eye shadow! Use a brush to apply the product, blending it into the socket line but not up to your brows. Don’t go overboard by layering on too much at once; instead, build color gradually for optimal effect. To really make them pop, use a small brush and trace along the bottom lash line with an extra thin touch of shadow.


With the goal of accentuating and lengthening your features, the next step is to fill in eyebrows with a hue slightly softer than your natural color. Create light strokes using either an eyebrow pencil or brush from an old makeup set that you no longer use. Finish by brushing out those brows again with gentle, feathery strokes using a clean mascara wand.

Lips And Cheeks

Cream blush is the quintessential makeup look for those who seek a sleek, dewy and modern result. To apply it correctly, simply dab your hands onto the apples of your cheeks; then blend up in an angle to achieve that flawless finish!

Unleash your inner artist and mix lipsticks to get the perfect color! Apply each lipstick directly onto your lips then, using alternate pigments, blend them together on your fingers. The result? A unique shade that is all you!

Using a dense, fluffy brush, lightly dust your T-zone with setting powder to help keep your skin looking matte and shine free.YOUR ALL DONE.


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