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How Can Bakuchiol Transform My Skin?

A Natural and Non-Toxic Alternative to Retinol!

Embracing the notion of “zero pain, no gain” when it comes to skincare is not always necessary. Bakuchiol, a highly praised age-defying substance found in Psorelea corylifolia (also known as bakuchi in Sanskrit), proves this to be true, offering Retinol’s desirable benefits without the common irritation that often accompanies its use.

Used for many centuries by practitioners of traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine alike; Bakuchiol truly lives up to its title as an effective means of smoothing wrinkles and firming skin with minimal discomfort or dryness!

In a clinical study spanning twelve weeks, published in The British Journal of Dermatology, individuals treated with bakuchiol experienced marked improvements in issues such as wrinkles and pigmentation. In contrast to retinol treatments, which can cause redness or skin sensitivity, those treated with bakuchiol saw none of these unwanted side effects—only positive results.

Bakuchiol’s impressive clinical results solidified its place as the perfect ingredient for a face oil. We wanted a product that would do more than just moisturize skin and offer long-term benefits in terms of maintaining youthfulness, and bakuchiol delivers all this!

An astonishing 97% of people who utilized Bakuchiol reported a noticeable decrease in fine lines and wrinkles after only four weeks. It works wonders for any skin type, including those that can’t handle retinol use! Because of its remarkable properties, it has been infused into some of the most effective yet gentle clean skincare treatments available today.

Try Skincare With Bakuchiol, Without the Use of Retinol!


Bonus: Use Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser on Your Skincare

This specially formulated exfoliating cleanser is enriched with green apple, licorice, citrus, and 7% acids designed to make your skin glow. The unique blend of Sugar Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beet Lactic Acid, and enzymes derived from Pineapple & Papaya provides three main functions: 1) Unclog pores and reduce their appearance 2) Brighten skin tone; lighten scars and dark spots 3) Eliminate bumps or flakes for silky smooth results.

Reclaim Your Youth With Mineral Sunscreen: The Ultimate Cream for Ageless Skin

Instill a daily sunscreen habit if you’re looking to preserve your youthful skin. Bakuchiol won’t leave your skin susceptible to the sun as retinol can so be sure that after any skincare routine, use mineral-based sunscreen specifically crafted for sensitive skin- as many chemical sunscreens contain irritants! Mineral-based formulas protect against both UVA and UVB rays without damaging coral ecosystems.

Reminder: Look at the “active ingredients” box on the label of a mineral formula; it should only include titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (or both). If there are more than two components listed in this section, it has chemical sunscreen included too!

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