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Make Your Pores Work For You

Uncovering the Unknown: Incredible Facts about Pores You Never Knew Existed

To some, pores may be a source of annoyance – but for everyone, they’re actually fundamental to skin health. Uncovering 5 secrets about pores and exfoliation is only the start! Keep reading to find out more interesting facts you probably never knew before.

Do you know the difference between what’s really a pore and what appears to be one? 

When we talk about pores, what comes to mind are actually hair follicles that contain oil and sweat glands. Contrary to popular belief, everyone benefits from this since our body naturally secretes oil in order to lubricate as well as protect the skin. But when these glands become inflamed or irritated due to clogged passageways caused by swelling up of dead skin cells along with trapped oils, it could be a major factor leading towards acne formation.

Despite what you may believe, pores are permanent and cannot be altered in size.

A widely-believed fallacy says that you can reduce the size of your pores with special products. However, since they’re created by hormones and genetics, it’s impossible to alter their physical size. But don’t worry! There are still ways to make them less obvious. Clogged or filled pores appear larger than usual but thankfully there is a solution: Lavender Niacinamide Pore Minimizer Tonique! This treatment toner will help clear our skin from debris which causes enlarged pore appearance so you’ll look refreshed and glowing again in no time!

It is a common misconception that the size of pores can be altered. 

As much as we wish that our pores could be opened and closed with steam or skincare products, just like their size cannot be altered, the same is true for their openness. We’ve already discussed how pores are actually follicles in disguise; some of which barely have any visible hairs! These clogged follicles become enlarged due to built-up debris within them. However, when using heat (steam or a warm compress) on your face you’re allowing these blockages to loosen up and subsequently exit through your skin’s surface – resulting in an evener complexion overall.

Say goodbye to clogged and large pores 

Battling large or clogged pores can be a challenging feat, as it is often caused by an accumulation of oil and dead skin cells, sweat, bacteria or even hormones. However there are several effective tactics to combating this common skincare issue that you may not have considered yet!

For optimal skin clarity and to avoid clogged pores, try using an oil-based cleanser first. SkinCeuticals Replenishing Cleanser effectively draws out excess oils from your face that can lead to congestion; it pairs perfectly with any  foaming cleansers for a two-step double cleanse routine. Alternatively, you can use Hydrating Gel Cleanser alone for the same results!

Don’t forget to exfoliate! 

Invest in sunscreen: Sun exposure can cause immense harm to your skin, leading to a breakdown of collagen and elastin that may result in enlarged pores. A broad spectrum product like Oil Free SPF 40+ or Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ is the perfect way to maintain healthy skin while protecting it against damage.

Contrary to popular belief, skin doesn’t actually “breathe” through pores or hair follicles.

Are you under the impression that your skin can “breathe” when you don’t have makeup on or are using certain skincare products? Let’s debunk this myth. The oxygen our body needs to survive doesn’t come from the surface of our skin, but rather through internal circulation from lungs and blood vessels. What IS effective for achieving great skin is taking care of ourselves with proper nutrition, hydration (water and a suitable moisturizer) as well as regularly applying SPF protection. With these practices in place, we will reach beautiful-looking healthy skin!

It’s critical to remember that our pores and hair follicles are essential for helping us to keep healthy skin. Without them, the natural oils and sweat needed to detoxify our skin wouldn’t be able to escape. There are plenty of ways you can reduce their appearances, but don’t forget how important they truly are!

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