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How Rapidly Does Your Skin Regulate Itself?

A Skincare Expert Answers

We have all marveled at the exquisiteness of a baby’s cheeks. However, as we mature and our circulation wanes, so does our production of elastin and collagen – two important components to youthful skin. Fortunately for us, renowned New Jersey dermatologist Jeanine Downie has revealed 6 actionable strategies that can help reduce your signs of aging and enhance your complexion!

“We slowly begin to lose a teaspoon of collagen from the age of 25-30, which is why our lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise and smoking play an integral role in how we age,” says Downie. (Warning: After 40 years old, it will require some effort on your part with workouts and skin care plans.)


According to Downie, the evidence is clear: people who exercise heal faster. Exercising increases circulation and helps reduce anxiety levels. Stress releases cortisol into the body; high amounts of cortisol can lead to hair loss or weight gain and slow down wound healing processes significantly, making it even more important that we strive for an active lifestyle. Whether your injury is a minor paper cut or a more severe surgical procedure, being in peak physical condition will help speed up the healing process. I always advise my patients to exercise at least four times each week for twenty-five minutes with both cardio and weight training. This commitment to their well-being can make all the difference in recovery time!

“Women over the age of forty must make exercise a priority, otherwise the signs of aging will become more apparent,” she adds. “Exercise boosts your bone and muscle density, as well as helps to manage stress levels. Your twenties may have allowed you to get away with slacking off from regular workouts but that’s not sustainable in your forties or beyond. Granted there are some individuals who look great without exercising after sixty-five but internally their health is not nearly as good compared to those that still adhere to an active lifestyle.”


According to Downie, there’s no excuse for not wearing a UVA/UVB sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 every day – because everyone has skin! It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun should still take priority. Even if you have scars on your face due to picking pimples or undergoing surgery, those marks will heal faster when shielded from the UV radiation.

The Organic Pharmacy Cellular Protection Sun Cream SPF 30


“As someone who values scientifically-proven skin care ingredients, I’m particularly fond of hyaluronic acids, retinols, and peptides. Moisturizer is essential for making the skin more resilient—without proper hydration levels, it can become dry and easily damaged. Ceramides are great at maintaining healthy moisture levels in the skin which helps boost its natural recovery time.”

To emphasize your skin’s natural glow, Downie suggests a three-pronged approach: glycolic acid, sunscreen and retinoids. If you’re searching for an alternative to hydroquinone-containing products try Cyspera – it has been clinically proven to help fade dark spots with no adverse side effects.

My patients frequently come to me inquiring, “How do I achieve that radiant glow?” They are often presenting photos of celebrities as examples and it is my duty to remind them that they have teams of professionals aiding in their perfect complexion. Once you cross the age threshold of forty, maintaining a luminous appearance requires dedication and effort.


According to her, nothing beats chemical peels done by a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is experienced in this procedure. Additionally, she notes that fractional laser treatments are great for reducing pore size and wrinkles. The Lutronic laser can even clear up pre-cancerous marks and dark spots while providing the skin with an overall rejuvenated look. The Intracel is a revolutionary radio frequency and microneedling device that has been proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve the texture of skin affected by acne scars, as well as revitalize one’s overall facial complexion. I used this on an elderly woman who smokes frequently; within two weeks her face looked years younger. She had the telltale “barcode” around her lips that nobody desires. After only four Intracel treatments and some filler, I find she looks at least five years younger; however, she believes it’s more like ten. For an even better outcome, I’d advise her to keep using nicotine patches and quit smoking entirely – though still exceptional results may be achieved without this step too!


Downie recommends that if you come from a family with large pores, it is essential to be mindful of your sun protection and how often you smoke or vape. As these are the main contributing factors in deciding whether enlarged pores become visible on skin.


“Regrettably, I live to eat rather than the other way around,” shares Downie. “However, research has uncovered that a balanced diet will generate faster healing processes and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Notably, high blood sugar levels prevents our bodies from accelerating cellular regeneration which leads to accelerated aging over time; for this reason I try as much as possible to control my sugar intake.”

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