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How to Apply Lip Gloss in Different Styles

Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Perfect Lip Gloss Application, Every Time!

Let’s all take a trip back to the early 2000s, when we were slathering our lips in sticky gloss for the perfect glassy finish.

While that thick and goopy lip gloss was all the rage, it wasn’t exactly practical. We spent more time picking stray hairs off our lips than actually enjoying the glossy look!

Thankfully, lip gloss has evolved. Nowadays, glosses are less high-shine and more nourishing to your lips. You can still achieve a great looking pout without using an uncomfortable product with sketchy ingredients.

At Freebuni, we love lipgloss but detest sticky formulas and irritating ingredients. Here’s the tea on how to get glossy lips done right:

What Makes Lip Gloss So Appealing?

Step away from the chapstick – it’s time to bring lip gloss back into your life! I’m not talking about the sticky, glittery kind you wore as a preteen. There are so many new choices available now, like easy-wearing balms and glosses that provide sheer color without all of the fuss.

Lip gloss is a great tool for your makeup bag. Here are three suggestions on how you can use our product in your everyday routine:

  • Tinted lip gloss is a natural way to get shiny and polished lips without much effort. If you’re a minimalist, this is perfect for you!
  • Enhance your matte lipstick by layering a clear lip gloss on top–this changes the texture without compromising the pigment. Not satisfied with any of your current lip shades? Create new custom colors by layering a tinted lip gloss over them.
  • Choose a lip gloss with active ingredients for healthier lips! If you find the right product, it can be packed with nutrients and hydration, making it perfect for an everyday lip balm.

Some lip glosses contain dangerous ingredients, but it is easy to find safe and non-toxic options if you know what to look for.

How to Buy Safe and Effective Lip Gloss

Many shoppers are unaware of the lackadaisical regulations for cosmetics. Poisonous substances in our makeup are commonplace, and it is up to buyers to verify that they aren’t obtaining items that feature dangerous ingredients.

The simplest method to purchase dependable, non-toxic lip gloss is by patronizing brands you trust to present you with the purest, most environmentally friendly, cruelty-free products possible.

100% Pure is one of the many brands with high industry standards for their ingredients. Furthermore, you want to stay away from formulas that are gooey or thick.

The incorrect type of lip gloss can cause an uncomfortable wear that will make you want to wipe it off immediately after applying it. Here are three usual ingredients found in store-bought lip gloss that natural brands never use:

  • Parabens are added to numerous products as preservatives and help decrease the growth of bacteria and extend a product’s shelf life. The problem is, they’re known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. There’s also research that links them to reproductive harm.

In conclusion, artificial ingredients are unnecessary. Natural ingredients like coconut oil and beeswax offer antimicrobial benefits while also being beneficial to your skin and lips. They’re rich in vitamin E and contain hydrating compounds that will keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

  • Polybutene is a polymer most often used in lip gloss to thicken the consistency and add shine. It’s an irritant that could be toxic, yet it’s still included as an ingredient in cosmetics by some manufacturers.

In addition, polybutene is a glue-like material, so it actually decreases the quality of your lip gloss.

  • In the U.S., synthetic fragrance is considered a proprietary ingredient. This means that companies aren’t required to disclose what makes their products smell delicious (like vanilla gloss!). We love when our makeup smells good, but unfortunately, we often don’t know what’s in it.

Some brands label their products as “natural” even though they use chemicals and other harmful ingredients in their fragrances.

If you want to be sure that you’re not using unhealthy products, make sure to check the labels and only buy from brands that are clear about what’s in their products.

The Right Way to Apply Lip Gloss

If you want lip gloss that looks amazing and feels great, you need to apply it correctly. Here’s how to get glossy lips in three steps.

Prepare your lips for optimal hydration. Exfoliate gently to avoid any chapping, which would then absorb the lip gloss and create unattractive flakes. The best way to do this is by using an all-natural cleansing wipe.

Just take the wipe and lightly go over your lips (avoid scrubbing), before letting them air dry completely.

  • Apply your gloss according to the texture. If it’s sticky, only apply a small amount to prevent goopiness. For less shine, apply lip gloss in the center of your bottom lip and press your lips together. If not as sticky, you can sweep across entire lip.

If layering over lipstick, dab with a finger or brush to distribute color evenly while keeping the original lipstick evident..

  • If you’re looking for a product that will both hydrate your lips and provide sheer color, look no further than this lip gloss. This hybrid product provides hours of hydration and color with zero sticky residue.

Jojoba oil-based formulas are natural, plant-based, and closest to the oil your skin naturally produces. By using them, you can increase total lip hydration.

  • For a high-gloss look, opt for a gloss that is also nourishing and non-sticky. Good formulas contain buriti oil, coconut oil, and castor seed oil to help keep lips hydrated and healthy while still maintaining a high shine.
  • Be sure to take your lip gloss off before bed. If you don’t, it could rub off on your pillow and get on your skin.

It is time: super glossy lips!

No, lip gloss is not just a phase. If done correctly, lip gloss can become your favorite go-to product for any occasion.

The right kind of lip gloss will hydrate and protect your lips from any harmful ingredients.

Never accept mediocrity, especially not when it comes to your lip gloss. Choose natural cosmetics brands for the best-quality, cruelty-free, and cleanest lipsticks in a wide array of colors that will help you create any lip look you desire.

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