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How to Apply Vitamin C for the Best Results

The Most Essential Step

According to dermatologists, vitamin C is the most significant element of your morning skincare routine. To attain optimal results while applying it, where should you place this in regards to the order and how?

Whether you’re a teen or in your seventies, Vitamin C can make your skin luminous and visible to onlookers while decreasing the effects of free radicals (substances that age our skin). Research has been conducted extensively on this topic; however, try it out for seven days and see if people don’t start complimenting you on your glowing complexion. It’s honestly that impactful!

The Vitamin C Serum

I’m in love with the 100%Pure vitamin C serum — it’s like a two-in-one powerhouse! This product is infused with alpha lipoic acid (ALA) to protect my skin from oxidative damage and preserve its youthful beauty. After using this heavenly elixir, I have noticed an incredible transformation; not only is my complexion hydrated, but it is also intensely illuminated and plump. With just one application, I get glowing results that last all day!

Imagine how amazed you’d be if the last drop of your Vitamin C serum was as active and potent as the first! This problem is all too common with many serums, even those filled with preservatives, yet this solution has ingeniously solved it.

The Vitamin C Boost

Another choice is the Vitamin C Boost; this powder treatment needs water to activate it and provides a strong dose of stable Vitamin C. It’s made to make your skin more luminous while decreasing dark spots, as well as support collagen and elastin production for stronger, smoother skin. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates deeply, supplying you with an invigorated radiance that will take years off your appearance!

How To Apply Vitamin C

I love to use this serum in the morning, but you can also take advantage of its benefits at night. However, if you prefer to cleanse your skin first thing in the morning (which I don’t necessarily do unless my facial skin is especially oily), please go for it!

After applying a few drops of this serum onto my face and giving it some time to work wonders on my skin, I give myself moments to luxuriate over a cup of coffee while deciding what outfit will suit me best that day. Who knows? Maybe taking those extra minutes helps aid the absorption process even more—call it superstition or science!

I then top it off with additional hydration, which is something everyone, regardless of age, needs. The Black Tea Grass Jelly Anti-oxidant Moisturizer is the perfect product for replenishing moisture levels while fighting signs of aging. Its formula penetrates into your skin to provide rich and powerful nourishment that will leave you looking radiant.

I remain still for a few minutes, mulling over what to wear with my skin reaping the benefits of ultra-moisturizing and soothing. Fully loaded with vitamin C, plant extracts, and hydration – I’m ready to add mineral SPF protection.

For everyday use (non-beach or high altitude environment) Tinted Broad Spectrum is an absolute must-have! It provides a flawless complexion while imparting a healthy glow that everyone should reap the benefits of. This amazing product also offers SPF 36 coverage; it is quite miraculous!

When I’m uncertain of what to wear, my failsafe combination is a cardigan and blue Levi jeans. Just as Vitamin C can provide me with an inner radiance that boosts my confidence in the way I look, so too does this simple outfit. It’s comfortable yet stylish; it gives me a sense of ease and assurance—the Hadley-Levi combo never fails to hit the mark!

Get To Know the Vitamin C Serum

Treat your skin with this lightweight, stabilized vitamin C serum featuring a base of hydrating and soothing aloe gel. This vegan and natural Vitamin C serum are designed to firm and brighten your complexion, as well as promote collagen production for youthful radiance. The inclusion of green apple extract, grape seed extract, and ALA (alpha lipoic acid) will help fight oxidative damage that can cause premature aging or darkening of the skin.

After washing your face, use a dime-sized amount of this product and pat gently onto the damp skin on your neck and face. For maximum effectiveness, it is best used in the evening; however, when using it during the day, make sure to always layer with an all-natural SPF for extra protection.

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