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How to Choose Your Makeup Shade Online

Color Matching Foundation and Concealer

At last, some fantastic news! Now more than ever before, foundation and concealer shades are becoming increasingly inclusive. Even if you’re just now seeing your skin tone represented in the available choices, determining which shade will look best on you is still a challenge, especially when shopping online.

With an array of 30 shades, makeup companies aim to help people find their perfect match with new foundation and concealer offerings. This range is all about empowering everyone to look and feel good in the skin they’re in!

This Fruit Pigmented Full Coverage Water Foundation not only offers you a wide variety of shades, but it also provides lighter coverage than ever before. Specially formulated with inclusivity and blendability in mind, this hydrating water foundation produces flawless full coverage along with a satin-like dewy finish that gives your skin an unparalleled natural glow.

Potent anti-aging red wine Resveratrol and Alpha Lipoic Acid are in abundance, alongside protective green tea and hydrating Aloe. Pomegranate and Açai Superfruit oils offer a softer feel while locking in vital moisture levels. Naturally derived Vitamin and antioxidant-rich pigments provide full coverage with captivating color that lasts all day long.

It’s well worth the time and energy to investigate the perfect shade for your skin tone, a color that will blend seamlessly with your complexion. With a bit of effort upfront, you can happily wear this hue for years to come (unless you experience considerable tanning or other shifts in skin tone). Here are 8 foolproof ways to identify your ultimate formula!

1. Get Valuable Insight from Experts

Take a selfie while in natural lighting, and don’t forget to include the name of your current makeup brand, shade, or color. Reach out to your local makeup artist for help identifying the perfect match across different brands! If they’re up for it, this could be an invaluable tool for you on your beauty journey.

2. See the Images Available

New brands feature photos that are generated by their users. You’ll have the opportunity to explore images of real people wearing our product in everyday situations.

3. Unsure Which Shade to Choose? Opt for a Darker

When debating between two shades, pick the darker hue; it tends to make you feel warmer and less washed out. Additionally, consider combining both of them for a custom color that you can adjust with shifts in your skin tone throughout the year. Blending hues allow you to appear bronzed during summertime or remain lightened when winter has arrived!

Tinted Moisturizer

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2nd Skin Foundation

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4. Uncover Your Skin’s Undertone For Perfect Match

Nailing down your exact skin shade consists of determining both the surface hue and undertone. From fair to dark, every complexion has warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Cooler complexions typically have pinkish or reddish hues, while warmer ones boast a golden-yellow tone with green (for olive) as an alternative option.

To discern this yourself, you can check out the color of your veins: blue indicates cool; green hints at warm/olive; if they are both visible, then it’s safe to say you have a neutral undertone!

When shopping for makeup, most brands offer descriptive undertones that can assist you in making the perfect selection. Generally speaking, opt for a shade with an undertone similar to your skin tone – but if particular areas of your face have pigmentation issues, shades that neutralize can help: pink tones mask gray; orange cancels blue; green covers red; and yellow masks red hues.

Additionally, peachy and lilac colors work great in powder form to brighten dull complexions or sallow skin!

5. Achieve a Flawless Outcome With the Use of a Brush

For a natural, almost undetectable finish, look no further than this plush and compassionate foundation brush! To evenly apply your makeup, use light circular strokes to combine and soften.

Crafted with excellence, these luxurious synthetic makeup brushes effortlessly deliver natural-looking finishes when applying powder, liquid, and cream foundations.

6. Perfectly Match Your Sunscreen to Your Skin Tone

We simply adore the effortlessness and compatibility of tinted sunscreens. The subtle tint is extremely blendable with any skin color, creating an incredibly natural finish.

7. Utilize the Same Techniques to Find a Concealer

If you’re looking to cover up blemishes, dark circles, and more, look no further than liquid concealer. Mix two shades together if necessary; choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone for the best results! ILIA offers different shades of this product, but even with fewer options available, RMS’ makes it incredibly versatile.

This luxuriously creamy medium-coverage concealer from RMS is not only a must for every makeup bag, but it also comes with the skincare benefits of an eye cream! Ultimately, this product helps to brighten and improve your complexion over time. But don’t worry; if you’re trying to cover up blemishes, then there are plenty of calming and brightening ingredients in here as well!

With its pointy brush tip, precision is key when it comes to concealer application, so swirl the brush into your desired product and lightly apply the pigment over any blemishes, dark circles, or other imperfections you may have. Once done, make sure to tap (not rub) with your finger to blend everything seamlessly.

8. A Bronzing Touch!

Bronzer grants a 3-dimensional effect. To create an organic look, you’ll need to utilize a bigger brush for this application. Draw the number three along your hairline from the top of your forehead down towards the jawbone and then underneath the angle of your cheekbones before finishing off by gently following it outwards at last and ending up near your jawline. You will be left with stunning definition without any harsh contouring lines in sight!

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