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How to Create Your Own Hydrotherapy Oasis

Spa from Home

Immerse yourself in a relaxing massage routine that will have you dreaming of days to come. Your eyes are shut, and your body is placed face down on the therapeutic table with six showerheads suspended from above, providing ample coverage for all your limbs.

As dense droplets pummel your feet and legs in an invigorating beat, a light mist washes over your torso and arms—complete with a custom red-light installation overhead for added ambiance. And if that wasn’t enough, A massage therapist rounds off the experience by soothing muscle tension by rolling peppermint-infused ice balls across each inch of tissue!

Spas offer a unique hydrotherapy experience that includes massage using spheres to stimulate the tissue and increase local circulation. You will feel your body alternately contracting and relaxing as this cycle is repeated, resulting in an overall calming effect on both muscle tension and stress levels.

Unparalleled hydrotherapy treatments at spas are far beyond what you could recreate in your bathroom. However, we have taken matters into our own hands and added a few of the same elements to our home showering ritual!

1. Use a Red Light

If you want to experience the benefits of red light therapy without having to install panels in your bathroom, try out a red light mat—a combination of 13 pounds of amethyst, tourmaline, and jade gemstones with LED lights. Before taking a shower, lie down on the tub’s warm stones, which will help relax your body’s muscles and boost local circulation for ultimate relaxation and a refreshed feeling.

2. Experience Aromatherapy

Through spa treatments, you can experience the calming and centering effects of aromatherapy. Lavender encourages relaxation, while peppermint invigorates your senses. Why not enhance this feeling in your own home by installing a diffuser in the bathroom? That way, you can enjoy these benefits whenever it suits you!

Ease your stress and tension in a hurry with this superior blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils!

3. Contrasting Temperatures: The Hot and Cold

Are you daring enough to give this a go? Draw up a hot bath and add in your most loved salts (try Eucalyptus Sea Therapy Bath!), soak for 20 minutes, then switch to an icy cold shower for 1 minute. Repeat the process if needed—dip back into the warm water until you’re cozy again, followed by another quick freezing blast of water!

4. Bath Music

At the spa, you can enjoy a hydrotherapy treatment that involves hand-tuned bowls placed on your body and filled with water to create soothing vibrations. If you’d like a similar experience at home, try this 30-minute sound bath from holistic healer Jasmine Harsono! All you need is access to a Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom. Press play and get ready for deep relaxation and blissful sleep.

5. Body Scrub

A traditional spa service and, famously, a part of virtually everyone’s beauty regimen. This salt scrub not only exfoliates the skin but also softens and hydrates it with mineral-rich salts and oils that are incredibly moisturizing.

6. Moisturizer All Over

Ultimately, the key to restoring your sense of rejuvenation is applying luxurious body oil or butter that will cleanse and pamper you.

Pamper your skin with Vanilla Bean Nourishing Body Cream! Full of Vitamin C and Cocoa Butter, this luxurious lotion will help firm and plump up the appearance of your skin while locking in moisture for a softer feel than ever before. Enjoy healthy-looking skin that feels soothed and nourished all day long.

If you’re the type to plan, think about this hand-poured candle that doubles as a massage oil and body lotion. Let it flicker away while you shower, then drizzle its blend of almond, baobab, and jojoba oils over your skin or someone else’s. It’ll feel like pure magic!

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