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How to Get Longer Lashes With Mascara

Apply Mascara Like a Pro

Did you know that one of the best ways to enhance your appearance is by having voluminous, long lashes? If you don’t have naturally long lashes, there’s no need to worry. You can use a lengthening mascara that will build volume and give your eyes a pop.

Mascara is an easy way to achieve longer lashes without resorting to false eyelashes or lash extensions, which can be costly and time-consuming.

In this article, you will find information on how to naturally take care of your lashes, how to choose the best mascara for dramatic lashes, and tips on application.

Begin by Making Sure Your Lashes Are Clean

Applying today’s mascara over yesterday’s won’t give you the best results. Plus, it invites damage to your natural lashes if you sleep with your mascara on because rubbing against a pillow can cause breakage.

To ensure long-lasting mascara, always remove your eye makeup before bed and start with a clean slate the next morning. One quick way to do this is by using raw coconut oil; it’ll dissolve any product buildup and prepare your lashes for mascara’s formula.

Keep in mind that you won’t want any residue or motorizers on your lashes when applying mascara; otherwise, it won’t adhere as well throughout the day.

Select the Ideal Mascara

When it comes to choosing a mascara, you’ll quickly find that there are two main types of formulas: volumizing and lengthening. But with so many options on the market, selecting the right one for your needs can be daunting.

To help narrow down your search, here’s a quick guide to understanding the different kinds of mascaras available.


Volumizing mascaras have a thicker consistency and are meant to help “plump up” your lashes by adding volume. If you try layering this type of mascara, it may cause problems because of its thickness.


Mascaras that lengthen your eyelashes are created to add length. They function by releasing fibers that attach to the end of each lash, making them look extended. Unfortunately, these often come with a host of issues.

The fibers in some mascaras are made of harsh, unsafe chemicals that can damage your eyes. Furthermore, these types of mascaras often clump easily because the fibers cannot be evenly distributed on your lashes.

You want your mascara to be safe, and the best way to do that is by choosing a clean formula. These types of mascaras are formulated with ingredients that can help nourish your lashes and encourage growth. They can also give your lashes volume and lift.

The Negative Implications of Not Replacing Your Mascara

You might not even realize it, but if you only use mascara occasionally, the tube may be long past its expiration date. And although some mascaras have a visible date on them, many do not.

To avoid any possible bacterial contamination or eye infection that could result from using an old tube of mascara, replace it every three months.

Use an Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler can create the optical illusion of longer lashes, in addition to opening up your eyes and making your iris more visible. Curling your lashes also makes them appear thicker.

When you use an eyelash curler, be sure that it has fresh padding. Worn-down padding will not curl your lashes as well as new padding will, and may even damage or break your lashes.

Choose One With Rounded Upper Pads

The vast majority of eyelash curlers are round in shape for a very good reason: a rounded upper pad creates a fuller curve that can curl even the smallest, finest lashes on the outer and inner corners of your eyes.

Additionally, this will also help you apply mascara more evenly in these areas.

Withdraw Wand from Tube

Avoid pumping your wand into the mascara tube—it’s ineffective and can cause air bubbles that prevent the mascara from working properly.

Focus On the Upper Lashes

Start with your upper lashes when applying mascara. Allow them to dry before moving on to your lower lashes, if needed. Follow these steps for lift and volume.

Work Your Way Up

Start by looking up, so that you can see the base of your lashes easily. Curling them will make this easier. Without getting too close and making yourself blink, extend your brush from the base to the ends of your lashes slowly and with purposeful strokes.

Tip: Start From the Center of Your Eye

For the best impact, apply mascara to the middle of your lashes with the first few strokes of your wand.

You can then use any remaining mascara on your wand to reach smaller lashes in the corners of your eyes without clumping them.

Move It Back and Forth

For a more ‘lifted’ look, place the mascara wand at the root of your lashes and wiggle back and forth while you pull them up. Wiggling works best on top lashes; avoid trying to volumize bottom lashes as they usually just clump together.

Move Your Brush Outward

For a more dramatic look, apply your mascara in strokes that go outward from the inner to outer corners of your eyes.

applying mascara on the outermost part of your eye will not only make them look longer, but also more defined.

For best application, use the brush tip with very little product and pull in an angled, outward motion.

Final Step: Bottom Lashes

Apply mascara to your top lashes, then let them dry before moving on to your bottom lashes. You won’t need as much product for your lower lashes, but it’s important to make sure the upper ones are completely dry first.

That way, you don’t have to go over areas with a foundation or concealer brush again.

Use a tissue

Placing a tissue under your bottom lashes while applying mascara can help prevent any stray marks from getting onto the area under your eye.

Use a Small Amount of Mascara

You would only want to remove mascara from your wand when following this routine. After swiping the wand across the bottom lashes to separate and define them, blot the tip of the wand on a tissue to get rid of any leftover product.

Before you reach for the makeup remover, wait until your bottom lashes are dry if you accidentally put too much mascara on them and they clump together.

Use an eyelash comb to gently remove any clumps from your lashes.

Reach the Smallest Lashes

For your bottom lashes, point the brush vertically, using a light amount of mascara on the end of your brush. First, apply it to the outer and inner corners of your bottom lashes. Secondly, apply it to the rest of your bottom lashes.

These lashes can be very small, so using too much mascara can cause them to stick uncomfortably to the skin surrounding your eye.

Normally one coat is all you’ll need on the bottom lashes, but if you feel you need more coverage, go ahead with a second coat, being careful not to overdo it or have them clump together.


To Conclude

To get lashes that look long and full, use high-quality mascara and apply it properly. Although you may not have been born with long, dramatic lashes, it’s easy to achieve the appearance of longer, fuller lashes by using quality mascara and learning how to apply it correctly.

When it comes to most beauty products, however, less is more. Applying several coats of mascara can often result in an artificial look because the lash fibers will start to clump together. The best way to avoid this altogether is by only applying one or two coats for a more natural finish.

Choose mascaras without harsh chemicals or other irritating ingredients.

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