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How to Get the Most Out of Hair Serum

Applying Hair Serum Is a Great Way to Keep Your Hair Healthy

We’ve experimented with every hairstyle imaginable – from bleached blonde to brunette, steamrolled straight to super cropped, and plenty in between.

But the thing is, since I’ve started using the new serum before shampooing, my hair looks way shinier and healthier. Plus, there’s less frizz and an absolutely amazing texture. It’s hard to believe the difference it actually makes.

The serum is compatible with any hair type, texture, or routine. All you have to do is add it in at the beginning, and you’re done!


Depending on the texture, length, and amount of your hair, smooth one to two and a half dropperfuls through dry hair. You can work from the roots to the ends, or just apply it to your lengths and ends.


Allow the oils to sit for a minimum of twenty minutes before rinsing them off; this ensures full absorption. There is no maximal time limit, so you can apply it before working out if desired.


This moisturizing shampoo and silky conditioner are perfect for many hair types. Use it like you would any other shampoo and conditioner.


Use a hair towel to avoid further frizzing of your strands. accelerate the drying process by twisting (as opposed to agitating) it in the towel. This one is advertised to work wonders, and some of us like the straight-up version while others prefer turbans.


Take your time with this process, carefully working through each tangle. Use a detangler or leave-in if you desire; we’re big fans of this nourishing leave-in. This brush will quickly and easily get through even the toughest tangles while still feeling gentle on your scalp.

For softly defined curls, use the brush in the shower while your hair is soaked with conditioner. Need less frizz and better texture? Gently brush as little as possible.


Style your hair however you like. You can blow-dry, air-dry, or even use a heat protectant with it. Plus, if you do choose to blow-dry your locks, this one is ultralight and dries lightning fast!

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