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How to Relax the Muscles in Your Face

Unwind those Unwanted Tensions After Staring at the Screen All Day

Too much time spent on screens isn’t just bad for our eyesight—it can give us wrinkles and other physical problems.

When we’re staring at screens for hours on end, we tend to squint, furrow our brows, purse our lips, and clench our jaws. So it’s no wonder that we don’t like how we look when we see ourselves on Zoom calls or in photos.

To keep our skin looking smooth and healthy, we like to have some skincare items at our desks, so we can take a few minutes for ourselves during the day and relax.

1. Smooth Away Fine Lines and Wrinkles With Nanocurrent

The ZIIP’s targeted elevens treatment helps to diminish the vertical lines that can appear between the brows, caused by repetitive furrowing. The app’s two-minute session enables you to focus on one area or quickly move across the entire forehead.

Use the device on your brow, applying pressure as you move it from your brow to your hairline in only upward motions. Do this every few days for a couple of weeks and the tension held between the brows will start to soften.

After the treatment, remove the gel with an oil cleanser. Then use a rich and active cream to lock in moisture and nutrients.

2. Vibrating Face Roller for a Relaxing Experience

The vibrating face roller not only relaxes a scrunched brow but it can be used all over the face for a temporary lift. Apply a facial oil or moisturizer first to help the roller move along your skin more smoothly; the vibration also allows active ingredients and hydration to penetrate deeper into your skin cells.

We adore the roller because it can relieve jaw tension. Gently move it up your chin and jaw for around five minutes to de-stress from your day-to-day. If you’re feeling sinus pressure, roll the device over any aching or congested areas—it’ll feel great.

The following method is excellent for dealing with those pesky tech-neck lines: With your index finger and thumb, gently tug at the skin on both sides of the line. Immediately slide the bar up and down in a vertical direction to help diminish the look of these lines.

3. Use Gua Sha on the Jawline

Performing gua sha on your face every day can help diminish forehead lines and wrinkles. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese practice that involves using a massage tool to smooth over the face or body. To target frown lines, use the comb edge of the stone to buff out individual lines.

After applying oil, hold the skin around the wrinkles taunt. To break up contractions in muscle tissue that result from repetitive movement, use a quick cross-friction motion.

It should be done delicately, much like using an eraser on delicate paper. Release pressure around brow bones by gently tracing them with the concave edge of the stone outward towards the temples.

To create the appearance of fuller lips, use the comb edge to make a back-and-forth motion at the lower and upper edges of the lips. You’ll love the temporary plumping effect!

For relaxation around the jaw, run the smooth end of the stone along the lower side of your jaw. Focus on areas that feel especially tender, and give those spots a little bit more attention.

While you’re doing this massage, remember to take deep breaths. Gua sha also feels amazing on the back of your neck and shoulders. Use the serrated edge of the tool to work knots and tension out of either side of your spine.

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