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How to Use Coconut Oil for Stronger, Lusher Eyelashes

As far as lash treatments go, coconut oil for eyelashes is easy to try for lusher lashes.

Coconut Oil for EyelashesHow many times have you caught yourself having eyelash envy? Thank goodness for the convenience of fake eyelashes. But at the end of the day we still wish we had been endowed with a little more length to our own lashes. While eyelash treatments such as perming and extensions are becoming more commonplace, they usually involve hidden chemicals such as formaldehyde that can weaken eyelashes over time. Even our favorite drugstore mascara isn’t safe. Have you scanned the ingredients list for parabens or silicone ingredients that can dry out your lashes? Lash obsessions are hardly healthy when carcinogens are involved.

That being said, we run the risk of our lashes growing brittle and even falling out with common eyelash treatments. After all, isn’t that what happens after your hair goes through too much chemical treatment? Fortunately you can take matters into your own hands. Using coconut oil for eyelashes is an easy natural remedy to try, whether you’re looking to give your lashes a little more love after a perm session, or just hoping to boost their length.

Does coconut oil help eyelashes grow?

First of all, your natural eyelash length depends on the genes you inherited from your parents. So if you’ve been lamenting your short eyelashes since the day you were born, tough luck. But like with our hair and skin, eyelashes need regular upkeep. Maybe you’ve been too obsessed with your eyelash curler and accidentally tugged a few precious lash hairs out. Or you tried rubbing your eyes too vigorously while trying to remove that waterproof mascara. Eyelash extensions and even some eyelash glues involve harmful synthetic ingredients that can weaken your lashes.

That’s where coconut oil for eyelashes comes in. Coconut oil has been celebrated for its skin, hair, and diet benefits, thanks to its natural nutrient-rich properties as listed below:

  1. It’s packed with repairing fatty acids and antioxidants

The fatty acids in coconut oil are essential to strengthening cell barriers, and keeping skin and hair moisturized. This helps prevent against eyelash loss and promotes healthy eyelash growth. Antioxidants like Vitamin E in coconut oil protect against damage from aging and environmental damage. That makes coconut oil ideal for conditioning damaged or weakened lashes.

  1. Coconut oil has been shown to protect hair against damage from combing

Brushing your eyelashes too roughly with a mascara wand can weaken the cuticle of your eyelashes, leading to moisture loss, fraying, and fallout. The same can happen when curling your lashes. Regular treatment with coconut oil can help prevent damage from your daily beauty routine.

  1. Coconut oil is compatible with hair proteins

What use would coconut oil be if your eyelashes couldn’t absorb them in the first place? Because coconut oil is compatible with your hair proteins, it’s more easily able to penetrate your eyelashes compared to other oils. So if you’re looking to give your damaged eyelashes some extra love, you’ll get the most nutrient absorption from coconut oil. That means it’ll also absorb faster and leave less greasy residue.

  1. It’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory

Coconut oil contains a whopping amount of antimicrobial lauric acid. If you’re suffering from inflamed eyelids or flaky eyelashes, you might want to try coconut oil for eyelashes. All types of blepharitis involve inflammation of the eyelids that often happens with dandruff and bacterial infection. The antimicrobial lauric acid and soothing Vitamin E make coconut oil ideal for conditioning eyelashes without irritating dry skin.

Coconut Oil Benefits for SkinHow to use coconut oil for eyelashes

  1. Condition your eyelashes

    The easiest way to make use of this natural remedy is to apply coconut oil directly to your lashes as an eyelash serum. If you’re looking to repair your eyelashes from chemical damage, your safest choice is to go for an organic coconut oil that you can trust.

    First, cleanse your face with warm water. Then dab a cotton swab into your jar of coconut oil, and apply a coat over your lashes. If you need more coconut oil, pick up a fresh cotton swab to avoid contaminating the jar with bacteria. The one issue with this method is that you’ll have to leave the coconut oil on overnight for the best benefits.

  2. Remove mascara

    Who doesn’t love multitasking beauty ingredients? Like many oils, coconut oil is efficient at removing makeup and other gunk from your eyelashes. Bonus: it’s antimicrobial so you’re getting some extra cleansing done! For heavy duty mascara, you’ll want to pump a few drops of coconut oil onto a cotton pad and place it on your eyelashes. Make sure your eyelashes are soaked in the oil, and the mascara should come off as you gently pat along your lash line. Be sure not to rub!

  3. Coconut oil mascara

    If you want to have the best of both worlds, you can actually use a mascara to prettify eyelashes and condition them too. Avoid harsh synthetic ingredients, and choose nourishing natural ingredients. For more natural mascara inspo, check out our top picks here.

    Stellar Gaze Length & Strength Mineral Mascara from Pacifica Beauty
    Cruelty-free, vegan
    This mascara volumizes and lengthens lashes, while also conditioning eyelashes with coconut oil and Vitamin B. It’s free of silicone ingredients that can dry out lashes and clog hair follicles.

    Organic Coconut Oil Mascara from NDC Beauty
    The high amount of coconut oil in this organic mascara makes it an extra luxe lash treatment, all while enhancing your natural eyelashes for a more fresh and bright-eyed look.

    Maracuja Mascara from 100% Pure
    Cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free
    Maracuja oil and natural plant pigments volumize eyelashes for a lush look. The coconut acid in the formula contains a blend of fatty acids to help moisturize eyelashes.

More tips for healthier eyelash growth

  • Always wash your face before applying any treatment on your eyelashes. This minimizes infection, clogged pores, and acne. You don’t want to accidentally rub any dirt or bacteria into your pores and eyes! 
  • Less is always more. Stick to a small amount first to ensure you apply the coconut oil evenly. This is especially important if it’s your first time. Make sure to consult your doctor first if you’re fighting any existing skin conditions.
  • Avoid harsh eyelash treatments such as eyelash extensions and eyelash perms. These can damage your eyelashes in the blink of an eye, and cause you to backtrack on your progress!
  • Stick to using natural mascaras without any irritating ingredients. They’re still water-resistant without the unpleasant silicone ingredients that try out lashes. Never go to bed without removing your makeup first.
  • When using false eyelashes, choose formaldehyde-free natural eyelash adhesives to preserve your eyelash health. Use a natural makeup remover to gentle dissolve the adhesive. Avoid any tugging that can result in losing a lash or two.

Free Bunni’s verdict

Coconut oil for eyelashes: 4/5 stars
It can be difficult to wean yourself off of your usual chemical eyelash treatments at first. But trust that you’re doing good for your health and appearance in the long run. We adore the beauty benefits of coconut oil, and it’s definitely one of the best natural remedies to use for enhancing the appearance of eyelashes. But we do recognize that it can be too greasy for people with oily eyelids, who should only stick to moderate use.

Regardless of your skin type, stick to lighter layers first to avoid irritation or buildup. Do you have any favorite tips and tricks to boosting your eyelashes?

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