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Illuminate Your Look with Timeless Shimmer 

Get the Perfect Age-Appropriate Accent!

Learn from Janeena Billera, Sr. Makeup Artist and Educator, the secret to a glowing complexion that transcends any age! With her expertise, you will know exactly how to glam up your look with just a hint of shimmer.

As a makeup artist, I’m often asked the same questions when attending beauty events and trainings. Today’s question is: “Will products with shimmer make me look older if I have aging skin?” The answer is no! Shimmers can actually be beneficial to mature skin as it will help give an illusion of a brighter complexion and minimize wrinkles.

When I first started experimenting with makeup, like many others, I was attracted to products packed with sparkles and glitter. But as we age, these heavy formulations can start to look overwhelming on our faces. Makeup application is an art form; you need to understand the canvas before you begin creating your masterpiece! Knowing how certain elements interact with each other will give us a more natural-looking end result that accentuates our features rather than overpowering them.  

No woman wants her wrinkles and fine lines to be on full display which is why it’s essential to use products that don’t draw undue attention to pores or deep creases.

Don’t let the idea of shimmer dissuade you. You can actually use it to your advantage – all you need are light diffusing, illuminating and brightening products! For example, I love Healthy Liquid Foundation since its lightweight texture helps re-texturize skin while diamond powder adds a vibrant glow for an instant natural finish. All in all, this foundation is perfect for achieving that youthful radiance!

For people with mature skin, I highly recommend exercising caution when applying products containing bigger particles of shimmer on and around the eyes since these can amplify fine lines. If you’re attracted to a powdered glistening highlight, select one with incredibly tiny pieces like Shimmer in luster or gleam. But be sure that your desired outcome is only an airy sparkle accentuation and not any full-on glitter glamour!

When using a product such as Shimmer, there are several factors to keep in mind. Ensure that the colors you choose are neutral and skin-toned so they will blend seamlessly with your complexion. Stay away from stark whites or intense golds, as they won’t look natural on your face. 

Above all else, be mindful of where you’re placing it; this is probably the most essential point! Gently apply shimmer products onto flat areas like the inner corners of eyes and brow bone, down the bridge of nose – if there’s no wrinkling at its center lower lid area then add just an infinitesimal amount too for extra sparkle. Keep in mind that the less you use, the more powerful its effect will be. When applying, ensure your hand is gentle and light.


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