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Rejuvenate Your Spirit, Skin, and Hair During Winter

When we feel like there is little to no control in our lives, the best thing that any of us can do right now is care for each other and ourselves. If you are stuck at home, why not take a few moments to reconnect with yourself? Taking time out for some self-care activities such as taking long baths with luxurious oils mixed in; exfoliating your skin; applying deep conditioners or face masks – these will all make a big difference on how you look and feel. 

Furthermore, sending someone else an extra special ‘self-care’ package might just be the pick me up they need!

For an instant mood uplift, immerse yourself in a steamy tub for 20 minutes sans phone and news. For maximum rejuvenation benefits, dry brush your body prior to bathing then exfoliate the face before treating with a nourishing mask. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and restored!

Once you’re settled in, apply some low-effort treatments to your hair and skin – like a reparative deep conditioner or a plumping facial mask. The heat and moisture will help the active ingredients penetrate deeper for healthier looking skin and smoother, silkier locks.

After your bath, the ritual isn’t complete until you’ve wrapped yourself in a cozy towel and robe. Then ease into bed to let all those positive vibes soak in before adding on an extra layer of nourishment with some luxurious body oil or cream. If feeling particularly motivated, why not paint your nails? Otherwise stay snuggled up for as long as needed!

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