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Is Toner Necessary?

Whether You Are a Novice or an Expert in Skincare, Try Toner

As someone in their late thirties, I’m battling the occasional breakout while also noticing wrinkles and dryness. To combat these issues, I’ve turned to Charcoal Clay Cleanser and Retinol Restorative Overnight Balm for help. However, is there anything else that could be beneficial? Do I need a toner too?

For years, I wasn’t a believer in the power of toners; most dermatologists called them superfluous. However, my beliefs have shifted after talking to an esthetician about how much she swears by it for all kinds of skin types.

Between the harsh astringents and bottles of plain water from before, there now exist options packed with active ingredients that delicately remove any lingering dead cells on our skin, which appears to be making a markable difference!

When you first meet beauty gurus with the most dazzling skin imaginable, it’s natural to question what they’re doing right. Their aura glows in a way that only comes from organic products and processes. So naturally, your curiosity begins with the beverages they consume—pre- and probiotic liquids and powders crafted from 100 percent fermented whole organic food sources!

I have personal experience with the power of diet when it comes to healing skin conditions, as I utilized this approach in my childhood. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to stay away from cooking and fermenting! Although all of my food supplements are incredible, there is something special about the toner—it truly has opened up a new world for me.

Infused with fermentation and swimming in enzymes and amino acids, this toner has a delightful scent that is both light and delicate. I gently dabbed the product onto my skin using a tissue, leaving it feeling softer than ever before—without any uncomfortable tingling sensations! Not only does it have an incredible smell, but its moisturizing properties give your skin a plumpness you’ll be sure to love.

I never imagined that I would include another product in my skincare routine, however, this toner has completely changed my mind.

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