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Keeping Your Makeup Brushes Clean

How often is it necessary to clean and sanitize my makeup brushes?

Investing in quality makeup brushes can have an enormous impact on the appearance of your skin and cosmetics.Cruelty-free and reliable, high-performance makeup brushes will help you look your best!

Cleaning your brushes regularly can drastically enhance their performance; luckily, it’s easier than you think. Make sure to cleanse them once a week – more if you use them consistently – for example, if makeup is your job! This will reduce any buildup of oil, dirt and bacteria on the brush that would otherwise make contact with your skin.

Not only does cleansing your brushes regularly safeguard your skin, but it also helps to maintain them. You can make all of your cosmetics brushes work better in order to create that natural and perfect look with just a few minutes of cleaning each week – which is the same amount of time as washing your face! Keeping up this routine will extend their lifetime use.

First Step: Soap

You can trust the same products you use on your hair and skin to clean your brushes, too. High-quality shampoos or soaps are what makeup professionals rely upon when they need their tools thoroughly cleaned; there’s no special cleanser required!

To start, wet the brush in lukewarm water. Place a drop of soap or shampoo on your palm and swirl the bristles for 10 seconds to loosen product buildup. Massage out any makeup residue gently with your fingertips then rinse and squeeze out excess moisture from the bristles that come into contact with your skin.

Second Step: Dry

Carefully blot the bristles with a towel to get rid of any excess moisture. Never store your brushes in an upright position; otherwise, water can potentially seep into the brush and damage both its wooden base and the glue that holds it together.

To dry your brushes, you can either lay them on a towel or suspend them over the edge of your sink. Gently reshape the bristles back to their original form, and position them hanging off the side so that they can air dry overnight. If time is an issue, however, it’s beneficial to use a hair-dryer set on cool with five inches between brush and nozzle for a quick cold blast!

To preserve your brushes, it is best to store them upright or individually in a case with clean lines. This way, they won’t be jostling around and collecting more dirt in drawers. Additionally, try not to store them in the bathroom as moisture can degrade the glue that holds the bristles together.

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