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Know the Right Blush For Your Skin

Struggling to decide between a cream or powder blush? 

Are you an advocate of cream or powder blush? Or, maybe you’re the type to use both in combination? Whichever your preference is, it’s no secret that blush plays a major role in any makeup routine. It can bring out alluringly glowing skin with just the right amount of color on those cheeks – but too much product without proper blending techniques and ill-suited formulas for one’s complexion can easily lead to beauty blunders!

Touch and feel

When it comes to deciding between cream or powder blush, the simplest answer is that it’s based on your personal preference. However, if you have dry skin then cream blushes may be more beneficial as they provide a richer texture and add dewiness and radiance. In addition, these creams often boast great staying power since they won’t cling onto any dry patches or blemishes like powders can.

If you struggle with a shiny complexion, enlarged pores, acne-prone skin or are aiming for more subtle radiance, powdered blushes – particularly in matte finish – can be an ideal solution. Additionally, feel free to mix and match cream base and powder top depending on the overall look you wish to achieve.

If you are a devoted follower of blush, both cream and powder formulas entice you, then the ultra soft feel of 100%Pure Cream Blushes should be your go-to! With its all naturally derived ingredients, it offers an incredibly natural looking flush that stays longer than regular powder blushes. Perfect for those who want to look rosy with minimal effort!

In comparison, powder blush is just as convenient to apply. As it’s very versatile and buildable, you can yield a range of results with this single type of product. 100%Pure Powder Blushes are finely milled for an exceptionally soft finish that not only has a beautiful shimmery glow but gives your cheeks the perfect radiant flush too!

100%Pure blushes, available in cream and powder formulas, are infused with nutrients like vitamins A, C, E and green tea which nourish sensitive skin. Talc-free and free from parabens or fragrances – you can rest assured that they’re cruelty-free too! Get the perfect finish with 100%Pure mineral blushes today.


Don’t let the highly pigmented colors of cream blushes scare you away! With a light touch, followed by some building and blending, you will have a perfectly applied blush. And never forget: always apply your blush in daylight to ensure accuracy; this way, you won’t run the risk of overdoing it.

When it comes to cream blush, the most popular application method is with your fingers; however, a brush can also be used for more precision. To make sure you get exactly the look you want—on apples of cheeks or along cheekbones and under—lightly pat in desired position then use a damp sponge to blend outwardly. For an even smoother finish, try adding a hint of  Tomato Lycopene SPF 20 Moisturizer onto the sponge before using it!

Before you begin to apply powder blush, it’s a good idea to add a primer which will help the product stay longer. For precision and accuracy, make sure you select the right brush – or even two! A Non Latex Makeup Blender or dual-fiber brush are perfect for adding just a subtle hint of color easily.

Refresh your look with a gentle sweep of powder blush to the temples for an endearing hint of color. This simple process adds definition and charm to accentuate those cheekbones!


The Red Edition Compact Cream Blush was designed to be worn alone, or with a partner. This true berry tone is perfect for creating a natural flush on your skin when applied lightly – you won’t find any better! For the same reason, Fruit Pigmented® Blush has become one of the most beloved products. The mid-toned plum shade, combined with its soft matte formula will add chic dimension and color to yourself in no time at all!

For a truly custom look, combine these blush effects to create something unique and eye-catching…

Transform your look this season with the Pink Paradise pairing that is perfect for summer! Start off with Guava Cream Blush, a dazzling watermelon hue, then finish it all up with Sweet Powder Blush to add an enchanting peachy-pink gold shimmer. You’ll be sure to make heads turn!

Add a little extra warmth to the Sunset Serenade look with Cream Blush in Fig, a warm terracotta hue, and finish off by dusting on Powder Blush in Spice Berry for an eye-catching pop of color. For Rosé Rendezvous’ romantic touch, begin with Cream Blush in First Love—a beautiful berry tone—and lightly layer it up with Powder Blush in Sheer Petal for that delicate blush effect.

Achieve a sublime sun-kissed look with Getaway Glow! Begin by applying Cream Blush in Warmth—a neutral mid-toned bronze that will provide light sculpting and depth, before adding Powder Blush in Soleil for a polished bronze sheen. Finally, top off your masterpiece with the 100%Pure Highlighting Balm to gain an effortless dewy glow.

Are you unsure of which blush will provide the most longevity? 

For enduring color that will bring your cheeks to life, you can’t go wrong with powder blushes. Their light texture and formulation allow for longer lasting hold compared to cream blushes. Apply the powder in the morning and trust it will still be popping into nightfall! On the other hand, cream blushes provide a heavier feel due to their heavily pigmented nature – but this also means they fade faster than powders throughout the day and require some maintenance come evening time. For those seeking an extra boost of staying power out of their blush routine, simply apply a dab of cream blush then follow up with setting powder over top – surefire way to make sure you’re looking fresh all day long!

Is Cream Blush an Option for Oily Skin Types?

For those with oily skin, powder blushes are great for their mattifying and oil-absorbing characteristics. However, if you desire the texture of a cream blush on your complexion but have oily pores and skin type, don’t fear! You can layer some setting powder or mattifying powder over the top to cut down that shine. If you prefer utilizing powder blushers yet still crave that glossy effect typically associated with cream ones – try layering it with Barrier Balm for a beautiful gloss finish!

Can Cream Blush Impact Your Pores?

Cream blushes are heavier than powder blushes, as they contain oil which can cause breakouts and clogged pores. To reduce the chances of this happening, opt for non-comedogenic cream blushes or examine what oils the product contains – coconut, flaxseed and palm being considered comedogenic ones. By taking these precautions you can ensure your face maintains a healthy glow!

Regular cleaning of the makeup brushes—as well as your own hands if you prefer to use them instead—is essential in order to prevent bacteria that causes acne from spreading. Additionally, double cleansing before bed is a great way to remove excess oil and debris while leaving skin feeling purified: first wash off all makeup and impurities, then second cleanse for an even deeper level of cleanliness. Doing this with care every day will help reduce breakouts and clogged pores significantly!


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