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Know What and When to Apply Serums

No Matter Your Skin Type or Concern, Here are the Best Serums to Keep You Looking and Feeling Great!

Face serums are the driving force behind an effective skin-care routine, delivering a myriad of nourishing ingredients like botanical extracts, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and minerals that deeply penetrate your skin. “For optimal hydration and rejuvenation,” Dr. Barbara Sturm states confidently, “serums should be part of everyone’s regimen.”

Nourish and safeguard your skin while preserving its youthful radiance with our serum step. Our product caters to all kinds of skin types, providing a supple and luminous complexion as well as smoothing out any fine lines you may have. when combined with different skincare devices, the effects are further amplified for much more visible results!

Experience luminous skin with the ultimate serum for a radiant glow!

Combining the potency of L-ascorbic acid (the research-backed, purest form of vitamin C for optimal skin health) and hydrating hyaluronic acid is this brightening serum. With daily use, it helps rejuvenate your complexion with improved firmness, tone, texture and hydration – making your skin appear luminous and healthy!


This incredibly lightweight overnight moisturizing serum will quench your skin with moisture and antioxidants, while purslane calms and nourishes it throughout the night. Cotton thistle extract is perfect for those with dry or irritated skin, while coconut helps aid its natural repair mechanisms. Argan extract reinforces your skin’s barrier function to reduce visible wrinkles as well as fine lines. Top this off by layering a richer cream for an added boost of hydration!


100% Pure ingredient formulated to revive skin, this multitasking wrinkle serum is renowned and intensely hydrates, softens fine lines, and soothes the skin with Vitamin C & Vitamin E. So when you have used up every last drop of serum from the canister just replace it with a new one.

Brighten and Revitalize Your Eyes and Face with Serum!

This divine eye serum is carefully curated with active botanicals, including antioxidants and chicory that help build collagen. Packed full of Vitamin E sourced from hand-harvested ingredients, it blends magically onto both the face and delicate eye area to leave your skin feeling softer, smoother, brighter and ultra nourished!

Specifically designed for sensitive skin

Not only does this gentle, silky serum—crafted with plant ceramides—work wonders for those with sensitive, dry or reactive skin types; but even people blessed with “normal” complexions can experience remarkable outcomes. This magnificent elixir brings about a heightened radiance and seriously soothed complexion while adding texture to the skin.

Illuminate Your Complexion with the Ultimate Serum for Bright, Healthy Skin.

An exquisite hydrating cream-serum, this blend of two weighty types of hyaluronic acid and nutrient-packed fruit and floral oils provides ultimate brightening, soothing comfort to the skin. The delightful wildflower aroma is an unexpected bonus – so precious you might even use it as a perfume!

Achieve glowing and plump skin without a hassle with this miraculous firming superserum. Combining quick absorption and an exquisite texture, its potent antioxidants are harvested from ancient sources for unbeatable results: hydrated, shielded and undeniably radiant! Just massage it into your face every day to witness softness that lasts long throughout the day.

Refresh and invigorate your complexion with our serum-infused face masks! 

For optimal treatment, utilize masks that are bathed in pure serum. They can be used on their own or together with the devices below for an even more powerful effect. As a novel option, try out this new silicone mask which is both reusable and easily adjustable to whatever serum you desire!

Enjoy the luxurious experience of these hydrating, calming bio cellulose eye masks! Formulated with milky prebiotic serum containing almond oil and hyaluronic acid to soothe dryness and reduce any fine lines around your delicate eye area. The result? Bright eyes that look youthful in an instant – giving you a dewy radiance from plumping marine collagen, antioxidant edelweiss extract, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Your whole face will appear more vibrant when this area is supple and hydrated!

Transform your regular serum into a powerful treatment mask with our reusable silicone sheet mask and eye mask set! All you have to do is select the right serum for your skin, apply it evenly on the face or around eyes then place the silicone masks. Relax and let them work their magic – after 15-30 minutes rinse off both masks and store safely for later use – now that’s what I call efficient beauty!

Unleash the Power of Your Serums: Learn How to Supercharge Their Effectiveness!

SCULPT AND LIFT – Let this sleek roller help you look and feel your best! Its gentle vibrations allow for the face to be firmed, toned, and lifted in a matter of minutes. For optimum results, it is recommended to use SCULPT AND LIFT for 10-15 minutes. To enhance the effects even further apply a serum over the area before rolling upwards (this will increase absorption as well as give extra glide). Experience an amazing massage-like sensation while knowing that your skin is being treated with maximum lifting benefits.

Get ready to get luminous, plumper skin with the help of ZIIP; a miniature nano current device that works wonders when paired with your favorite serum. As suggested by its creator—the one and only Los Angeles electrical aesthetician Melanie Simon—apply hyaluronic acid infused serum prior to using this amazing device. With nine different treatments available at just a click of button, you can target any skin concern like sagging skin or breakouts in no time! Get glowing results day and night, weekly or monthly —no matter what frequency you choose -you won’t be disappointed!

Is it possible to apply serum over my existing skincare routine?

Absolutely – layering is a great way to boost the potency of your serum and keep hydration long-lasting! But which order should you use? It’s all about texture: start with the lightest product first, and gradually move on to heavier items. The debate between cream before oil remains unresolved; you can play around with their sequence without damaging any results.

Begin with a serum, then gently massage eye cream on your skin. Follow up with face oil to lock in moisture and nourish the area. For extra hydration, apply your favorite face cream next. And don’t forget the very important final step: applying mineral sunscreen for protection against UV rays!

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