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Uncover the Benefits and Uses of Tamanu Oil

Although aging is an inevitable part of life, we can all still strive to look as youthful and rejuvenated as ever. With the right skincare products in our arsenal, we are empowered to defy father time himself! No need to worry about those few too many minutes spent sunbathing or skipping moisturizing – with these products on your side, you will be looking younger than ever before.

To guarantee the most blissful and wholesome complexion, we must utilize products that collaborate well with our skin’s natural function. We need to look for ingredients in cosmetics that synergistically benefit our skin, while shunning those filled with damaging toxins. By doing so, we can ensure true healthiness of our visage!

 At 100%Pure we have rigorously examined and experimented with the most beneficial naturally-derived ingredients from around the world. We are incredibly selective in what components get to be a part of our products – seeking out only those that are food grade, organic, and as close to their natural form as they can be.

We pride ourselves in our unique living ingredients standard, and among them is the special tamanu oil. Not only loved by ancient cultures for centuries but also a favorite of Dr. Oz himself, this ingredient provides your skin with incredible radiance and hydration that can’t be found anywhere else! That’s why we make sure to include it in all of our high-quality skincare products

Have you heard of the remarkable Tamanu Oil?

For centuries, Tamanu oil has been highly regarded for its antioxidant properties and positive impact on healthy skin. Extracted from the tamanu nut tree, found in Southeast Asia, this tropical evergreen is celebrated both medicinally and cosmetically by local cultures. Although there are many methods of extraction – including cold pressing seeds or using heat or chemical solvents – three popular techniques have emerged to harvest this powerful oil.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that some companies employ high-heat extraction techniques for their oils, which can drastically alter the chemical structure of the ingredient and diminish many beneficial properties. On top of this, they also use synthetic chemicals to extend shelf life – an advantage that is entirely pointless if it turns out we are dealing with a completely different oil from its original form.

Here at 100%Pure, we cold press our oils to guarantee the maximum potency for all of our products. In this way, the oil is preserved in its natural state as much as possible before being added to any product formulations. Tamanu Oil is a popular addition to facial serums and oils due to its ability to combat blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles while also hydrating skin; it can even assist with soothing sunburns or other irritations on your complexion!

Take a closer look at tamanu oil and all its incredible advantages for your skin! Uncover why using it in its natural state is more effective than processed ingredients so that you can keep your complexion glowing.

Experience the extraordinary hydration of this luxurious moisturizer!

Tamanu oil is rich in nourishing fatty acids and stands out among other plant-based oils with its robust lipid content. The fatty acids help keep your skin’s hydration levels balanced, while calming and moisturizing dry areas. Unlike some synthetic creams that contain harsh emollients or petroleum-emulsifiers, tamanu oil deeply soothes the skin without any discomfort – proving to be a much more natural alternative for those looking to maintain healthy moisture levels.

A youthful and vibrant appearance.

It’s nearly inconceivable to discuss wrinkle reduction without mentioning collagen. This “volumizing” protein, which is responsible for your skin looking youthful and firm, starts to diminish with age; allowing fine lines and wrinkles to emerge. However, tamanu oil can activate the production of collagen in cells so blemishes become less visible while your skin appears smoother as well as healthier over time.

Diminishing the appearance of skin blemishes and refining its texture.

Tamanu oil is abundant in essential vitamins B and E, which create a perfect environment for healthy skin regeneration. This means that if you apply tamanu oil on your skin, it will help to encourage the growth of a glowing and youthful-looking complexion. If your skin feels irritated or has any blemishes that won’t go away no matter what solutions you try, then tamanu oil can provide relief from discomfort while brightening up its appearance with renewed vibrancy.

How Can You Benefit from the Amazing Properties of Tamanu Oil?

If you’re looking for the best possible skin care products containing tamanu oil, seek out moisturizers, oils and hydrators at your local health and wellness store. But be sure to check how exactly this naturally beneficial oil was harvested – since its extraction process can diminish its original properties if not done correctly. The brand website of any product should have all the important details regarding its origin and composition that will enable you to make an informed decision on which Tamanu based solution is right for your needs!

If we do say so ourselves, the best way to experience all the advantages of tamanu oil is by using a premium, organic formulation such as 100%Pure oil. What’s different about our beauty oil compared to other tamanu-containing products?

An innovative, waterless solution.

Unlike many other beauty oils, ours is 100% plant oil and extract-based with no added water. This means that you get the full potency of our ingredients without having to replace them quickly due to watering down. Enjoy all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks!

Vibrant, Fresh Ingredients.

At our company, we strive to use only the purest and highest-quality ingredients. With that in mind, neither of the two main components found in our beauty oil – tamanu oil and jojoba oil – have been manipulated or altered during any stage of production. Instead, both are cold pressed directly from their organic source into a food grade form before being added to our product with nearly no interference.

With our beauty oil, which is intent on providing you with the greatest concentration of potent oils, you will be able to reap the rewards of tamanu oil much faster than any other product.


Not only does our beauty oil hydrate your skin to the fullest, but it also acts as a primer that softens and smooth your complexion prior to makeup application. This multi-functional product makes achieving beautiful results even easier!

Infused with 100%Pure oil, your skin will feel noticeably smoother and more conditioned after just a few drops. This lightweight solution quickly absorbs into the skin for lasting hydration that leaves you feeling refreshed all day long. Plus, it’s so highly concentrated that you only need to use a couple of drops each time!

Enhance your beauty regimen with our Beauty Body Oil and Kakadu Evening Beauty Elixir both of which contain the luxurious tamanu oil.

Our Beauty Body Oil offers your body the ultimate hydration, ultimately resulting in skin that feels softer, more supple and soothed. The Evening Kakadu Beauty Elixir helps to restore and repair skin cells while you sleep by combining Kakadu superfruit with tamanu oil – a powerhouse duo! Tamanu encourages collagen production and enhances natural perfection of the complexion. Boosting your beauty couldn’t be easier or more effective than this one-two punch!

Discover How Tamanu Oil Can Transform Your Beauty Regimen and Enhance Your Natural Glow with Its Nourishing Benefits.

Some ingredients may be clean, but there are always cleaner ones.

100%Pure is unwavering in its commitment to provide only the purest, most natural ingredients for our products. Our stringent standards ensure that we use quality ingredients for maximum benefit and product performance. We make no apologies about it!

Women should have the right to utilize organic skincare that is pure, natural and free of toxins.




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