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Learn About the Benefits and Uses of Sarsaparilla Root

Sarsaparilla Root Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways

More often than not, the chemicals added to cosmetics and skincare products are done so for preservation or shelf life extension rather than skin benefits.

We don’t think all chemicals are bad, but we do believe there’s a better way to formulate our products.

We opt for living ingredients instead of harmful chemicals. By using raw, food-grade, organic, wildcrafted, and natural ingredients that are still close to their natural states, we can avoid turning to harsh chemicals.

What sets living ingredients apart in the clean beauty industry is that they are constantly searching for the best, most effective natural ingredients. They take professionals to different parts of the world to discover what local cultures use from their immediate resources.

A plant-based ingredient discovered in Mexico and parts of the Caribbean, comes from a prickly vine.

Sarsaparilla Root: Definition

For thousands of years, sarsaparilla root has been used medicinally by local cultures in Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Today, it is popular all over the world as a dietary supplement.

Sarsaparilla root has a variety of uses, including treating skin conditions, headaches, and joint discomfort. It can also be used to help with the common cold. Sarsaparilla root was once used to create sodas because it contains saponins.

These phytochemicals helped carbonated beverages have their flavor and foam. This is why sarsaparilla root is sometimes called the “root beer plant.”

Sarsaparilla is often used in beauty products and skincare items because it can calm irritated skin and add hydration. Here are the benefits you might see from using a product with sarsaparilla.

The Benefits and Uses of Sarsaparilla

In addition to sodas and headaches, sarsaparilla also has a wealth of botanical benefits for your skin when applied topically.


Sarsaparilla root herb is not only great for dry and irritated skin, but it can also help calm and soothe the skin. This is thanks to the phytochemical saponins that are responsible for making beverages foamy. Sarsaparilla root offers a potent benefit to those with sensitive skin.


Sarsaparilla root has been used for medicinal purposes by ancient cultures for centuries, and scientists have also studied the root’s cleansing properties.

If you have skin that is prone to irritation, rashes, blemishes, and/or dryness or itchiness, using a product containing sarsaparilla root can help calm down the irritated areas while also working to keep healthy bacteria levels balanced.


One main perk of natural skincare ingredients is that they have the ability to work together cohesively. By complementing each other, these ingredients help bring about optimal performance from one another.

Sarsaparilla is commonly ingested through herbal teas, supplements, and different product formulations. This is due to the belief that sarsaparilla aids in the bioavailability of other ingredients.

Consequently, you can trust that sarsaparilla will help you achieve ideal results from taking other products.


Free radicals are unbalanced molecules that attach to skin cells and cause damage. Free radicals can come from sources like UV rays from the sun, pollution, or smoke.

Antioxidants are essential for maintaining healthy skin cells. Sarsaparilla is a potent antioxidant that can help your skin combat free radicals, particularly those caused by exposure to the sun.

By incorporating sarsaparilla into your skincare routine, you give your skin the tools it needs to fight against external stressors.


Sarsaparilla root contains naturally occurring plant-based oils and fats, making it an excellent emollient for dry, irritated skin. By penetrating the upper layers of your skin, sarsaparilla helps to keep your skin hydrated and conditioned while restoring its natural moisture balance.

Moisturizers for Combination Skin Applied to the Hand

How the Beauty Industry Uses Sarsaparilla Root

Natural brands use the finest quality sarsaparilla root to ensure that you are getting the best possible hydration, reparative, and restorative benefits, so you can get all of those benefits from the comfort of your own home.

Sarsaparilla root is common found in special herbal blends. This type of blend of ingredients works together to balance, soothe, soften, and hydrate the skin. The oxygenating effect of these herbs helps promote circulation and calm sensitive skin.

Sarsaparilla root can be found in these products:

Beauty Oil

This beauty elixir brightens and restores your skin’s tone by deeply hydrating the skin. It’s an exotic blend of oils that is applied in the evenings, before you go to bed, for what we like to call “beauty sleep.”

Rest easy knowing that our hydrating and soothing botanicals are working hard to repair, restore, and moisturize your skin overnight.

You’ll wake up to brighter, smoother, glowing skin—it’s like getting a full night’s sleep in a bottle! Plus, it even helps soothe and nourish skin affected by eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Not only does this oil contain CoQ10 to energize your skin, but it also contains other protective and complexion-improving compounds. Sarsaparilla and Kakadu plum are just some of the excellent sources of antioxidants found in this oil.

Eye Contour

This serum is designed for the delicate skin around your eyes. It’s rich in vitamins A, E & F, and plant sterols, and its Baobab oil targets all visible signs of aging around that fragile area, helping to reduce wrinkles. Sarsaparilla is known to be cheerful and reassuring in aromatherapy.

Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa, Neroli, and Lavender oils work together to support smoother skin and help reduce puffiness & dark circles.

Body Oil 

Introducing Beauty Body Oil—with its potent blend of adaptogenic herbs and rich, exotic plant-based oils, this highly concentrated oil immediately begins oxygenating and restoring damaged, irritated skin upon application.

This type of beauty body oil is powerful enough to smooth rough patches of skin on the knees, elbows, and heels of your feet, but gentle enough to use on sensitive skin types. It can also provide relief for symptoms of eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.


This cream foundation is available in 16 luminous shades that help bring out the natural tone of your skin. The goal of our foundation is to enhance skin with buildable coverage that creates a flawless, lightweight finish.

Sarsaparilla root, organic jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, and wildcrafted buriti oil are all great ways to moisturize your skin. Not only that, but they can also help to smooth out your skin tone and provide a canvas for the rest of your cosmetics.

Choose products that are always the cleanest on the market, cruelty-free, and responsibly and sustainably sourced. These types of ingredients are fresh and safe for both you and the environment.

In conclusion

Sarsaparilla root is an all-natural, plant-based ingredient that can help smooth, soothe, and nourish irritated skin. It is full of phytochemicals that hydrate and protect from free radicals.

If you’re struggling with irritated, dry, or dehydrated skin, sarsaparilla root could be exactly what your beauty routine needs.

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