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Learn How to Achieve a Gleaming Shimmer Brick Look!

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Are you a fan of makeup items that multi-task? Minerals Shimmer offers not only bronzing and highlighting effects, but also creates an overall fabulous look. Check out these helpful instructions on how to utilize the Shimmer Brick for adding just the right amount of coloration to your eyes, cheeks and lips!

Unleash your inner artist and use the Flawless Blender Sponge to swirl all four shades together before applying them over your lid. The combined result is a stunning metallic bronze hue that will add dimension and depth to any eye color with just a subtle glimmer of shimmer! 

To obtain a natural glowing complexion, blend the matte bronze shade with darker bronzes from the Soft Brush for a radiant look.

For an eye-catching, fuller-looking pout, apply your favorite Gloss and then add a hint of gold in the middle. The subtle shimmer will create an instantly luscious effect!

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