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Learn How to Do the Curly Girl Method

The Ultimate Guide to Long-Lasting, Healthy Curls

In the past, people with curly hair had to use a lot of heat tools and products that contained harmful chemicals. These include formaldehyde, ammonia, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and more.

Today, we presented a more holistic and minimalist approach that encourages people with curly hair to celebrate their natural curls. This method is entirely doable using clean products and has since evolved as people have tweaked and experimented to find what works best for them.

Avoid Most Shampoos

After ridding your hair of buildup, the Curly Girl Method eliminates shampoo (for the most part) and instead uses a mineral-rich scrub made with big chunks of pink Himalayan salt. Not only does it sweep away buildup, but it also gives your scalp a fantastic in-shower massage!

Use a Conditioner on Your Wet Hair to Avoid Knots and Tangles

Curly hair is often drier than its straight counterpart, meaning it requires extra moisture. Next time you’re in the shower, use a hydrating conditioner and leave some in to help lock in moisture. Curly hair can also be delicate and prone to breakage, so take care when wet-detangling; it’s more likely to snap.

You can detangle your curls with a wide-tooth comb while you’re in the shower or use a leave-in conditioner after the shower. It’s important to note that most versions of this method discourage brushing or combing dry curls; only do so when they’re wet.

Best Hair Perfumes

Opt For Air-Drying

When your curls are wet, use a microfiber towel or an old T-shirt to wrap them up; if you rub them too much, it’ll create frizz, so just wrap and squeeze the water out gently. Air-drying is best to avoid damage and frizz, but if you must use heat, pick a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Get Creative with Texture

The Curly Girl Method is founded upon letting your natural curl shine, making major blowouts and straighteners obsolete. So instead of bad-for-you treatments that obscure your hair’s real texture, try clean creams full of healthy ingredients like shea butter, botanical extracts, or honey to smooth frizz, define curl, and enhance textures.

For More Shine, Pretreat

Apply an ultrahydrating serum to your hair from the mid lengths to the ends before you wash it, and leave it in for 20 minutes. Vitamin C, omega-rich sea buckthorn oil, and moisturizing plumeria monoi oil help prevent frizz, hydrate your hair, and give it a healthy shine. This can also lead to improved texture over time.

Use a Hair Mask Weekly

If you’re familiar with the benefits that a face mask can have for your skin, then you’ll love what a hair mask can do. To use one, massage it into wet hair and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. If you want even better results, apply heat while the mask is on (you can use the sun’s rays, a diffuser, sauna steam, or just a warm towel):

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