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How to Tell Your Hair Dresser Exactly What You Want

You can usually tell when it’s time for a trim, except for that one instance where my hair had grown so much that the stylist cut off four inches of split ends before I even sat down in the chair!

On another occasion, I turned away despite wanting to get a haircut. After all those experiences, though, thanks to my amazing haircare routine, my locks are always looking their absolute best.

Was it truly the exquisite haircut I had received? Or was it due to the special curl cream, shampoo, and blow-dry that morning? As a matter of fact, I believe my haircut lasted for an additional four months as a result of these amazing products. A good hairdryer aided in preserving its shape—even after so many weeks!

When you’ve made the decision to go for a big chop, then comes the tough decision: short or long? How will I get rid of split ends? Shall I color my hair too? What hairstyle fits me best, and most importantly, which stylist should I choose?

Trick #1: Discover the Perfect Match

Word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to find a stylist, but make sure you do your due diligence. When you come across someone whose style resonates with yours, ask who they follow and then check their website or social media accounts.

Assess if this person aligns with what matters most to you in terms of culture—such as sustainability and clean formulas—as well as aesthetics, style preferences, and ethical values. Taken together, these insights should give you an overall picture that will help inform your decision about whether to book them for an appointment!

It is always a smart idea to visit someone new for just a trim so that you and your stylist can get acquainted. Don’t forget the importance of selecting an expert who enjoys their craft; this connection with them might be akin to embracing the help of a therapist!

With slight variations in light and contrast, they will bring out features you never knew existed on your face or head. You’ll have more self-assurance once you’re done sitting down and getting refreshed hair color as well; it’s almost like taking on another identity entirely!

Trick #2: Visual References

Before you book your next salon appointment, make sure to have some reference photos, both of what you love and what you don’t. This will help ensure that your colorist or stylist fully understands the look you want to achieve.

However, it’s also important not to forget who YOU are! Don’t be afraid to show off and embrace your unique personality; showing up with a desire for something completely different than yourself never works in the end.

Visuals are essential when it comes to communicating your vision, as they can convey an idea in a way that words cannot. Social media provides a wealth of inspiration, which helps you assess the skillset and proficiency of any potential stylist right away before making a decision.

Additionally, receiving quick feedback on your style choice keeps you informed through every stage of this process.

Trick #3: Pay Attention to Potential Questions

When looking for a stylist, it is important to ensure they are paying attention and listening to you. If not, this probably isn’t the right match! A good stylist will ask questions about your lifestyle, changes in your life, and the desired result of the new haircut.

It’s also helpful to request their opinion on your hair type; do they have experience working with curly or straight hair? Is it thick or thin? How would you typically style it? With these details in mind, you can rest assured that they understand what kind of cut best suits you.

Being an attentive listener is key when it comes to being a successful hairdresser. Keep your ego and ideas in check—now isn’t the time for them! It’s all about listening and observing during this time.

Be mindful of their body language, height, proportion, etc., as well as feel their hair texture to get a better idea of what you can do with it. Once you’ve done that, then come up with creative ideas to cater specifically to them.

Trick #4 : Results Are the Only Thing That Matter; The Technique Is Secondary

Rather than doubting which tools your stylist should use, rest assured that a sharp blade and an experienced hand are all you need for the perfect cut. It doesn’t matter if they choose to work with scissors or razors—their expertise is what truly matters!

Heed the insights of a stylist—they certainly know their stuff! In order to maintain your perfect look outside of the salon, you must understand how best to protect both your hair and color. Hairdressers may come off as doctors with all their prescriptions for serums, masks, and brushes, but trust me, they have seen what works (and doesn’t)!

Trick #5: Cultivating trust

Put your trust in your stylist and commit to a style. They’re looking out for you—all they want is for you to have gorgeous, happy hair! A great hairstyle should bring out the best of each feature.

For example, it needs an appropriate amount of volume that complements both the length and shape of the hair, as well as movement and color that blend harmoniously with one another. It’s an art form that requires creativity and intuition from experienced professionals like them!

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