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Looking for the Perfect Clean Hair Mask?

Restore Your Hair’s Luster and Shine

Use a Hair Oil

I’m longing for the luster that my former (potentially toxic) serums, creams, and masks used to bring to my hair. Although I love how moisturizing clean products are, nothing gives me the same intense sheen as before. Are there any natural options out there capable of providing a real shine boost?

The simple solution to your problems? This incredible mask! But let me tell you more about how it can help.

I’m always observing what the individuals around me are wearing—it has become an almost obsessive habit of mine. I consider my attentive style to be “hypervigilance!”

I managed to snatch the iconic old tennis sweater Kurt Cobain sported in that renowned shoot with Courtney Love for Sassy from my dad’s closet. I’m a huge fan of watching some fashionable girl on the street and then following her home just to observe how she can style it differently.

On a recent afternoon, I was able to experience the incredible journey of following a style-savvy person back to their secret getaway: Headdress, in Manhattan’s East Village. Even though I didn’t need one at that moment, my hairdresser asked me if I would like a shine treatment, and it seemed so clean! With Christophe Robin temporary color already taken care of, this sounded perfect for bringing out the brightness in my hair.

I had initially thought that hair treatments weren’t anything special and were just conditioners applied by someone else, so I didn’t see the point in visiting a salon for one. However, my curiosity was piqued, so I decided to try out the treatment and explore an interesting space at the same time.

The Headdress stylist lavished my scalp with a luxurious shampoo and invigorating massage, followed by Rahua’s exquisite-smelling mask. I was then cocooned beneath a soothing heat lamp for fifteen minutes of total bliss!

After the treatment, my hair not only looked great but also smelled amazing. The faintest floral and anise aroma was delightful as we strolled down the street! I couldn’t help but admire how feathery and radiant it felt with each gentle gust of wind that blew through it. Indeed, the conditioner had done its job—my locks were shinier than ever!

To my utter astonishment, after I’d washed my hair several days later, it was still glossy. In the past, when I had indulged in conditioning treatments for a gleaming mane, the outcome only lasted briefly – that is until I experienced an hour-and-a-half-long warm oil treatment while holidaying in India! The luminosity stayed on for over one month; however, this required me to lather up six times with shampoo before even stepping out of the shower cubicle.

Not only was my hair left remarkably lustrous and bouncy for a solid week-and-a-half after using Rahua, but the pleasant scent even lasted through three shampoos! It was so fragrant that my boyfriend asked twice if I had put on some new perfume.

Whether you live in or are visiting New York City, be sure to set aside time for a visit to Headdress. As the perfect finishing touch, treat yourself to one of their Rahua mask treatments!

Learn the Best Way to Properly Put On a Mask in Your Own Home

If you don’t live in NYC, here’s a simple trick to help you out:

1. Begin by dampening your locks. Then, apply the Rahua hair mask to the lower two-thirds of your mane—not too close to the scalp!

2. To create long-lasting curls, heat the ends of your hair with a blow dryer for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can soak a clean towel in hot water and wrap it around your masked hair. To ensure that the temperature remains consistent throughout, use the blow-dryer to reheat as needed when it begins to cool down.

3. Cleanse and nourish your hair as you normally do.

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