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Eye Cream Tips & Tricks

The skin around the eyes is much more delicate than the rest of your face. Boasting less oil glands and a thinner composition, it’s much easier to become dehydrated or irritated in this area. With nearly 22 muscles working whenever you make an expression, creases form faster here too; even tears can dry out your skin. All of these factors contribute to why eye care should take priority over other areas on our faces – proper maintenance will ensure that we stay bright eyed for years to come.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

No matter your skin type, signs of aging are typically first detected around the eyes. People with dry or sun-exposed skin can even start to see wrinkles in their twenties! It’s no surprise then that eye cream is usually one of the first anti-aging products women purchase.

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Dark Blemishes and Puffiness

The delicate area around the eyes can often suffer from dark circles as well as puffiness. Fluid retention is typically what causes swollen under-eyes, though it may also be due to excessive salt intake in your diet, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep or allergies – not to mention aging.

We usually think of dark circles as a sign of exhaustion, but genetics have an equally significant part to play. Numerous individuals are naturally more susceptible to this circumstance regardless of how much rest they get. Other contributory factors can be allergies, pills, rubbing the eyes and even sleeping on your abdomen. As a result of the skin’s semi-transparency in those areas, oxygenated blood that has pooled in capillaries is often quite visible beneath it all.

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Applying Eye Cream

Handle this region with the utmost care. When applying products around the eyes, do so with a light touch—any rubbing and pulling will only lead to issues you are trying to avoid in the long run. Keep this area nurtured by using gentle strokes for maximum results.

To effectively remove makeup, opt for a quality eye makeup remover that will easily break down the product without having to vigorously rub. Before turning in at night, make sure you always take off your eye products and apply an appropriate treatment like an eye cream or serum tailored specifically for delicate eyes.

For best results, gently use your eye cream by taking a portion slightly smaller than the size of a pea and dividing it between your two ring fingers. Start at the outside corner of each eye and, using light taps with extreme care, move inwards toward the orbit bone. This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s designed to take advantage of massage techniques which will improve muscle insertion from origin points.

When using eye creams that come in jars, use a spatula or cotton swab to retrieve it. Avoid dipping your fingertips into the product as this can introduce bacteria that will degrade it over time. Another option is removing and using the plastic insert on top of some jars as an intentional scoop for precise application.

Take your time to lightly massage the product into your skin until it is fully absorbed. A light, circular motion will have a soothing effect on the skin and should be done twice daily – in the morning just apply under eyes, while at night extend coverage around them as well as beneath brows. Be advised that if you use eye cream over lids during daytime makeup could smudge off easily.

EXTRA TIP:When applying eye cream, take precaution to keep it away from the inner corner of your eyes. While these products have been tested and deemed safe for use in this area, they can still cause discomfort if accidentally transferred into your tear ducts. Investing a few extra minutes when using eye creams is worth the effort – you’ll end up preserving those beautiful peepers! Start early and make sure never to skip out on that beauty routine!

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