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Magical Tips To Smooth Your Skin

Smooth Your Skin With These 5 Miracle Tips

At any age, healthy and glowing skin can make a huge difference in our self-confidence and well-being. Of course, there are tried-and-true ways to keep your skin looking its best: quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, avoiding sun exposure, exercising regularly, and eating nourishing foods. But the right (all-natural) skincare routine goes a long way too!

How you sleep is important!

Dermatologists often advise switching to silk pillowcases instead of cotton ones due to their lack of skin-creasing texture. Not only is silk incredibly sophisticated and luxurious, but it also helps keep your nighttime skincare products in place since moisture isn’t absorbed from the fabric. Give yourself a much-deserved pampering experience by investing in a beautiful set of silky pillowcases today!

Massaging and cooling your skin when you wake up

Face massage has scientifically-validated benefits for your complexion, from delaying the development of wrinkles to tightening the skin. Utilizing a rose quartz roller in your daily routine is an easy and effective way to invigorate your face with its rejuvenating properties!

Experience the relaxation of ancient Chinese skin-care massage with this cool rose quartz tool. When you roll it over your cheeks, forehead, and chin, it feels incredibly soothing and tension relieving. In the morning, you will feel a noticeable boost in alertness that is rather irresistible for many people who have used this product. Face massages are also becoming increasingly popular due to how fantastic they feel – calming yet invigorating all at once!

Hydration is ESSENTIAL!

With age, we produce less collagen and oil than before, so it’s important to use a layering approach depending on your skin type. One powerful ingredient for hydration is formulas with hyaluronic acid – our bodies naturally make this! 100% PURE’s Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum in particular sinks into the skin like magic – you’ll immediately notice its effects! So don’t be afraid to drink lots of water throughout the day; after all, you can never overdo it when it comes to staying hydrated.

For those looking to amp up the hydration, HA serum works from within and should be used in conjunction with an occlusive cream such as Rose Water Hydrating Milk. Eye creams can also do wonders for plumping skin, making concealer application so much smoother.

Wear sunscreen ALWAYS!

If you haven’t already incorporated wearing sunblock into your daily routine, now is the time! Even on cloudy days, UV rays from the sun can lead to premature aging and damage to the skin. To ensure maximum protection that doesn’t degrade throughout the day, mineral (or physical) sunscreens are your best bet. Unlike chemical-based ones which absorb sunlight’s beams until they break down in their presence over time, these sit atop the skin and deflect them instead for all-day coverage; don’t let a moisturizer applied at 8 am become obsolete by noon due to ineffective components. 

Avoid chemical-laden sunscreens and opt for 100% PURE Green Tea SPF 30 instead. It is so gentle that it won’t cause skin irritation, absorbs quickly into the skin, stays stable in sunlight, and guards your complexion against UV rays without being absorbed by your body.

Exfoliate dead skin cells

Exfoliating is the key to brightening and detoxifying your skin, as it buffs and smoothes while providing a radiant glow. Not only that, but exfoliating can also help you deep-clean your pores, which appear larger when they’re clogged with dirt. Pamper your skin with the luxurious nourishing Matcha Oatmeal Face Scrub. This special blend contains matcha powder and colloidal oatmeal to dissolve dead cells, reduce redness, and brighten the complexion. Antioxidants from green tea help neutralize pollutants, while French Green Clay tightens pores for a more vibrant look. Vegetable glycerin ensures lasting moisture so that you can enjoy softer, healthier-looking skin all day long.

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